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Unveiling Infidelity: 10 Tarot Cards Speak Out

    With their rich symbolism and intuitive insights, tarot cards can offer glimpses into various aspects of our lives, including relationships.

    While they do not provide definitive proof of infidelity or cheating, certain tarot cards contain symbolism that suggests the potential presence of such circumstances.

    This blog article will explore several tarot cards commonly associated with infidelity and cheating.

    It is important to note that tarot readings are subjective and open to interpretation. Let’s delve into these cards and their potential indications.

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    #1: The Devil

    The Devil card represents the darker aspects of human nature, including temptation and unhealthy attachments.

    It often symbolizes being caught in destructive patterns or engaging in secret affairs driven by desire and indulgence.

    Its presence may serve as a cautionary reminder to examine the integrity of a relationship. Everything might not be what they seem to be.

    In some cases, it can also indicate that you are too controlling. In these cases, working on your shadows is always a great idea. Healing your desire to control can help your relationship heal.

    If you want to learn more about how to use tarot as a tool for healing, I invite you to read the article below.

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    #2: The Lovers

    Although traditionally associated with love and harmonious relationships, The Lovers card can also reflect choices between two individuals.

    It signifies a crossroads where personal values and commitments are tested. Sometimes, it may hint at temptations or affairs that can lead to infidelity.

    Looking closer at the card, you see the snake in the background. It is a symbol of temptation. The picture has many connections to the story of Adam and Eve and how they were banned from Eden for their passionate love.

    #3: Three of Swords

    This card portrays heartbreak, pain, and emotional turmoil. It is commonly associated with betrayal, infidelity, or a love triangle.

    The Three of Swords signifies the potential for emotional devastation caused by cheating or the aftermath of a revelation.

    When this card shows in a spread about infidelity, a confrontation might be on the horizon. It does not say how it will end, but there might be heartbreaking news.

    A tip is to look at the card to the right. This card might indicate what the heartbreak will lead to.

    #4: Seven of Swords

    The Seven of Swords carries a theme of deception and dishonesty. It suggests hidden agendas, sneaky behavior, or someone trying to get away with something clandestine.

    This card often serves as a warning sign that trust might be compromised, potentially indicating cheating.

    #5: Ten of Swords

    Representing the end of a painful situation, the Ten of Swords can allude to betrayal, including infidelity.

    It signifies a situation reaching its breaking point, often accompanied by profound disappointment, hurt, and the need for healing.

    This is rock bottom, and you lost the final battle. Every chakra in your body is pierced by a sword representing hard truths. But even if it feels like no tomorrow, the sun rises for a new day in the background.

    #6: Five of Cups

    The Five of Cups reflects loss, disappointment, and grief. In the context of infidelity, it represents the emotional aftermath of a betrayal, symbolizing feelings of abandonment, sadness, and the need to process and heal from the experience.

    Looking closer at the card, you notice that some cups are still filled. You might not see everything you still got.

    #7: Nine of Swords

    Often associated with anxiety and sleepless nights, the Nine of Swords represents emotional distress and inner turmoil.

    In the context of infidelity, it may reflect the anguish experienced by those involved or affected by cheating, symbolizing guilt, worry, and fear.

    #8: Two of Swords

    The Two of Swords represents a state of indecision or being at a crossroads.

    In the context of infidelity, it can indicate the struggle to confront or acknowledge a potential affair or cheating within a relationship.

    It suggests the need for honest communication and making difficult choices.

    If you look closer at the card, you might notice the person is stuck and can’t see where to turn. Dropping the swords would let him remove the blindfold, know the truth, and move forward in the right direction.

    Being open with the situation is the way out. If you want to learn more about how tarot can help you at difficult crossroads, you find a helpful article below.

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    #9: Eight of Cups

    Symbolizing the need for emotional detachment and moving away from an unsatisfying situation, the Eight of Cups can indicate the realization of dissatisfaction or a partner seeking fulfillment elsewhere.

    It represents recognizing that change is necessary to find greater emotional fulfillment, even if it hurts.

    In the picture, a man walks away, leaving the cups of emotions behind. It is a rocky and uncomfortable road ahead, but he goes anyway.

    # 10: THE Moon

    The Moon symbolizes things that we don’t see, want to see, or are missing. We might feel something is wrong, but we can’t put our finger on it.

    The Moon is all about illusions and sometimes lies, so beware when this card shows up in a tarot reading about infidelity. You might be creating a storyline that is not true – about your partner or yourself.

    The Moon is a very complex card, and your shadows are playing a trick on you in many cases. Maybe you are too jealous and controlling? Maybe your partner is not what you think?

    If you look at the card, the Sun lights the Moon. You only see a reflection, not an accurate picture.

    I tend to ask my Spirit Guides for advice if the Moon is the focus of the spread. Many times it is hard to see the truth.

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    Tarot card combinations Indicating infidelity

    Here’s a table showcasing some common tarot card combinations related to infidelity and brief explanations of their potential implications.

    Tarot Card CombinationExplanation
    The Lovers + Three of SwordsThe presence of The Lovers card in combination with the Three of Swords suggests the potential for pain resulting from infidelity.
    The Devil + Seven of SwordsThe combination of The Devil card and the Seven of Swords points towards a situation of deceit and hidden agendas related to infidelity. It suggests that secret affairs, lies, or manipulative behavior may be present, indicating the need for caution and an honest evaluation of the relationship.
    Ten of Swords + Five of CupsThe Eight of Cups combined with the Nine of Swords indicates a sense of dissatisfaction or emotional detachment within a relationship, potentially leading to infidelity. It reflects the anxiety and inner turmoil experienced by individuals seeking fulfillment elsewhere.
    Page of Swords + Two of CupsThe combination of the Page of Swords and the Two of Cups suggests the presence of gossip, rumors, or suspicious behavior related to romantic partnerships. It advises being vigilant and aware of potential dishonesty or external influences that could impact the relationship.
    Eight of Cups + Nine of SwordsThe Eight of Cups combined with the Nine of Swords indicates a sense of dissatisfaction or emotional detachment within a relationship, potentially leading to infidelity. It reflects the anxiety and inner turmoil experienced by individuals who may be seeking fulfillment elsewhere.
    The Tower + The MoonThe Tower card combined with The Moon suggests a significant disruption or upheaval caused by infidelity. It represents a revelation or realization that shatters illusions and brings hidden truths to the surface. This combination signifies a profound shift and the need to confront the consequences of cheating.
    Three of Cups + Four of SwordsThe Three of Cups paired with the Four of Swords may indicate involvement in a love triangle combined with a need for secrecy or withdrawal from the situation. It implies a complex dynamic where multiple parties are engaged in emotional connections while trying to maintain discretion.
    Nine of Cups + Ten of PentaclesCombining The Empress card and the King of Cups can suggest a potential extramarital affair involving a nurturing and emotionally mature figure. It implies a connection based on emotional intimacy and the pursuit of pleasure outside the committed relationship.
    Five of Wands + Seven of CupsThe Five of Wands combined with the Seven of Cups signifies conflicts, competition, and distractions within relationships that may contribute to infidelity. It represents a lack of clarity and focus, making individuals more susceptible to temptation or being drawn into romantic entanglements outside the partnership.
    The Empress + King of CupsCombining the Empress card and the King of Cups can suggest a potential extramarital affair involving a nurturing and emotionally mature figure. It implies a connection based on emotional intimacy and pursuing pleasure, care, and attention outside the committed relationship.

    Please note that tarot interpretations can vary, and context plays a crucial role in understanding their meanings.

    It can be a great idea to consult an experienced tarot reader for a more in-depth analysis tailored to your situation. I am always here if you need help sorting out a messy situation.

    The Suit of Swords and Infidelity

    The Swords cards often depict imagery associated with conflict, air, or stormy weather, reflecting the nature of this suit. Unsurprisingly, they are often seen in spreads involving infidelity and cheating.

    Digging deeper when facing many Swords in your spread is always a good idea. Our Ego is very eager to push away truths that might hurt us.

    It commonly takes a few spreads to get clear answers on what is amiss. This is also the case regarding questions or indications of infidelity or cheating.

    Can tarot cards predict infidelity?

    With their intuitive symbolism and profound insights, tarot cards can offer guidance and shed light on various aspects of life, including relationships. However, it’s essential to approach predicting or uncovering infidelity with a realistic perspective.

    Tarot cards cannot definitively predict or uncover infidelity in a relationship. They are tools that provide glimpses into the energies and possibilities surrounding a situation.

    While certain cards may suggest the potential for cheating or indicate warning signs, they do not provide concrete evidence.

    Sandra Törnroth

    While certain cards may suggest the potential for cheating or indicate warning signs, they do not provide concrete evidence.

    Remembering that tarot readings are subjective and open to interpretation is crucial. The cards reflect the energy and thoughts during the reading but cannot guarantee specific outcomes or reveal hidden truths about someone’s actions.

    If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, addressing your concerns openly and honestly with your partner is essential.

    Building trust and fostering open communication is vital for maintaining healthy relationships. Tarot cards can catalyze self-reflection and guide conversations, helping you explore your emotions and gain insights into the dynamics of your relationship.

    Remember that tarot readings should complement and support your journey rather than replace direct communication and trust.

    Use tarot for self-discovery, personal growth, and gaining a broader perspective on your relationship. Ultimately, it is up to you to navigate your path and make decisions based on your intuition, values, and the evidence in your relationship.

    If you want to learn more about if tarot cards can predict love, I invite you to read the article below.

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    Final thoughts

    Tarot cards can offer insights into our lives, including the potential presence of infidelity or cheating within a relationship.

    It is essential to approach these cards sensitively, understanding that interpretations can vary depending on the reader and the context.

    While tarot cards can serve as a starting point for reflection, they should not replace open communication, trust, and healthy dialogue within relationships. Use tarot as a tool for personal growth and self-reflection.

    When I do readings targeting questions about infidelity, I try to peel the onion a bit. What is the cause of these feelings in the first place?

    Resolving the underlying issues is often crucial to resolving the situation. It is not just about knowing if a partner has been unfaithful.

    If we have these fears, the relationship is not in a good state overall, and targeting the things that need to be addressed might be more beneficial and empowering for the client or yourself.

    It is always good to remember that tarot readings can sometimes be wrong. If you want to learn more about this, I have written a helpful article. You find it below.

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    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric