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Why Tarot Readings Aren’t Always Accurate

    We have all experienced tarot readings that don’t make sense. We patiently wait for events to unfold, but nothing happens. Are the tarot cards lying to you? If they do, what can you do to avoid this from happening?

    Bias or misaligned expectations are the most common causes of incorrect tarot readings. Other common causes are not knowing the tarot card meanings in-depth, being emotional, or not being truthful when asking the tarot questions.

    There are many reasons why a tarot reading might not be correct. One of the most common causes is unawareness of how expectations and bias interfere with the result. This article sheds light on why tarot card readings might end up incorrect. Knowing these important factors helps you gain the most out of your tarot reading.

    Why Your Tarot Readings aren’t Always Accurate

    Many things might cause a tarot reading never to come true. Many things can throw a reading off when you are a beginner reader. With experience and skills, you will get more accurate readings.

    The sneaky ego is often the root cause of skewed readings.

    The most common reason for readings to be skewed is not being aware of how the Ego, biases, and expectations can alter the messages you receive in your reading.

    How Your Own Bias Can Cloud Your Tarot Interpretation

    The ego can skew a tarot reading by influencing your interpretation of the cards. Your biases, desires, and fears may impact your understanding of the cards and cloud your ability to provide an objective reading.

    This can lead to less accurate and helpful readings. To minimize the impact of the dreaded ego, it’s important to practice self-reflection and approach each reading with an open mind and a clear intention.

    The Importance of Understanding the Tarot Cards

    Knowing the tarot card meanings is important to get correct readings. Knowledge and experience ensure a clear understanding of each card’s symbols, archetypes, and themes.

    This knowledge allows you to interpret the messages within the cards accurately and provide relevant and helpful guidance.

    Without a solid understanding of the tarot card meanings, the reader is likelier to misinterpret the cards or provide an unhelpful reading. Thus, the reader must understand the tarot cards’ meanings deeply to provide accurate and meaningful tarot readings.

    If you want to learn more about how hard it is to learn tarot, you find the answers in the article below!

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    The Truth Behind the Question: How Honesty Impacts Tarot Accuracy

    It is important to be truthful when asking the tarot questions. Honesty helps to create a clear connection between you and the tarot cards.

    When truthful about your thoughts, feelings, and motivations, the tarot can provide an accurate and relevant reading tailored to your needs, not your desired outcome.

    It is important to remember that you might not be aware that you have misled the tarot. The nasty ego is a pro at inventing lies we hold as truths.

    Desired outcomes and biases are common reasons for skewed tarot readings.

    Emotional Turmoil: How It Clouds Your Tarot Interpretation

    Mental and emotional states can cloud tarot readings because they can impact the ability to interpret the cards objectively.

    When you are in a heightened emotional state, you might be more prone to interpreting the cards through the lens of your feelings and biases. This leads to a less accurate reading and is less relevant to the person seeking guidance.

    Additionally, your mental and emotional state can influence your ability to concentrate and focus, making it difficult for them to engage fully with the tarot and receive clear and meaningful messages.

    To avoid this, it is important to be mindful of your emotional state and to manage your feelings and thoughts before the reading.

    If you had a bad day, it is best to skip the reading until you return to your old self.

    Negative vibes can attract negativity if you use your tarot deck for divination; otherwise, it is better to rest, recharge, and read the cards when things have settled a little.

    As I firmly believe in the law of attraction, I believe that if we put negative vibes in the Ether, it will boomerang back.

    The Mistakes that Lead to Tarot Misinterpretation

    Knowing common mistakes in a tarot reading can help ensure accuracy and avoid misinterpretation of the cards. Some common mistakes include the following:

    1. Rushing the reading: Meditating and focusing on the question can lead to a clearer and more accurate reading.
    2. Projecting personal biases: It’s important to approach the reading objectively and not impose personal beliefs or expectations on the cards.
    3. Relying solely on book meanings: Tarot cards can have different interpretations based on the individual’s intuition and connection to the cards.
    4. Neglecting to consider reversals: Tarot cards can have different meanings when they appear reversed, so it’s important to consider this possibility.
    5. Not considering the context: Tarot readings should always be considered in context with the individual’s life and current situation.

    Avoiding these mistakes can lead to more insightful and accurate tarot readings.

    If you want to learn more about reversals, you find helpful information in the article below.

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    Tarot Reading Biases and Expectations: What the Experts Say

    As I could not find any reliable source regarding what tarot readers thought was the most common reason tarot readings ended up skewed, I asked the question in a Facebook group.

    38% of the readers answered that the main cause of skewed readings was bias or expectations. 20 % believed it was due to a lack of knowledge of the tarot card’s meanings.

    11% believed incorrect readings were due to asking the same question repeatedly. 10% stated that the emotional state interfered with the results.

    I added all the information from the poll in the table below. Some of the answers were very similar, so I took a little liberty curating the answers.

    Cause of incorrect tarot readingsPercentage
    Biases and expectations38%
    Not knowing the tarot card meanings20%
    Asking the same question repeatedly11%
    Emotional state10%
    Not honest when asking questions3%
    Thinking tarot is faith or destiny3%
    Not cleansing the cards2%
    Reading standard tarot card meanings over intuition2%
    Using a tarot deck that doesn’t vibe with the reader1%
    149 answers in total

    In my experience, one reason for tarot readings being off is that the person doesn’t settle with the first answers but asks the tarot the same question until they get the answer they want; it is always recommended to open your heart to receive whatever message you need to receive and trust that the tarot is there for your greater good.

    Many of the answers in the poll are spot on, and a great collection of reasons tarot readings might not end up a reality.


    As so many things might interfere with a tarot reading, keeping an open mind and heart is always good practice. Not every answer will be 100% correct, but if you pay close attention, many of them are true.

    At times it takes time for events to unfold. Tarot doesn’t follow a timeline. Sometimes the answers reveal themselves shortly, sometimes weeks away. Sometimes never at all.

    It is more helpful to ask the tarot for guidance on what you can do to follow your intended path. The focal point of guidance and spiritual growth will empower you and give you the power to make knowledgeable decisions.

    In my opinion, destiny is not written in stone. We make decisions that alter the path we walk. We always have the right to decide over our lives, and I bet there is a Spirit guide looking out for us along the way

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