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Tarot Readings for Love: Fact or Fiction?

    The age-old question of whether tarot can truly unveil the mysteries of the heart has been debated for centuries. Some claim that tarot is a powerful tool for finding and determining the course of romantic relationships, while others argue that it can only offer general guidance and insight.

    Love tarot readings are not scientifically considered reliable predictions. The specific meanings of the tarot cards can vary depending on the context and the reader, and the answers can vary. The reading should be a starting point for further reflection and action, not a definite answer.

    Whether tarot cards can predict the future of your love life is highly debated. Tarot is a fantastic tool for gaining insights into your love life and how your actions might impact your possibilities for finding or strengthening a romantic relationship, but not necessarily a definite answer to your questions.

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    The Power of Love: Can Tarot Tell Us What’s in Store?

    Tarot cards are often used for divination and to gain insight into various aspects of life. One of the most popular areas is, of course, love. When our heart runs wild, we want answers – right away! And the tarot is there to provide it!

    But what answers do we truly get from the tarot? Do we get clear answers about the future, or is it advice and guidance?

    The scientific community means it is impossible to look into the future. That the answers we gain are circumstantial, as the readings might differ from reader to reader. There are no consistent answers; therefore, it can’t be proven to “work” as a tool for fortunetelling.

    On the other hand, spiritual and psychic people swear by tarot’s effectiveness in predicting future events. Other spiritualists mean you access the inner truth by starting an internal dialogue where the Ego is set aside.

    It is important to note that tarot readings are not considered a form of prediction or fortunetelling by the scientific community. Instead, it is a tool for gaining a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s situation and identifying potential opportunities and challenges.

    Therefore, it is essential to approach tarot readings with an open mind and use their insights as a starting point for further reflection and action.

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    Predicting Love: The Scientific Approach

    No scientific evidence tarot works as a tool to foresee future events. As the readings are subjective and change from reader to reader, the answer is never consistent. In this way, it is not possible to prove that tarot works.

    Tarot “works” because all the cards are created on pillar human experiences. Experiences and situations we all meet in life at one time or another. The Major Arcana cards are made from archetypes and represent major spiritual lessons, and the Minor Arcana cards represent everyday happenings.

    When we get a card in a reading, we instantly start to think about the meaning of the card. When we do that, memory activates, and we resemble happenings corresponding to the card. It becomes “true.”

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    Confirmation bias

    This psychological phenomenon is called confirmation bias. People want to see patterns and create a storyline that fits the cards and their expectations and desired outcome.

    For example, if you get the Death card in a love reading, the tarot reader tells you that you will experience an ending of a situation and something new is to arrive.

    When you hear this, you instantly awaken memories that correlate to the card’s meaning. Maybe you and your partner have difficulty and secretly want to end the relationship. You conclude that the card means that you will break up.

    If you, on the other hand, get the Death card and want to save the relationship. You might decipher the message as a confirmation that you are on the right track, the bad days will end, and you will start fresh!

    Predicting Love: The Spiritual Approach

    Regarding the spiritual take on tarot readings for predicting love, things are not as clear-cut as the scientific route. Even though the scientific community has not approved tarot, many spiritualists and occult practitioners swear by its effectiveness.

    There are different ways to look at psychic tarot love readings

    • The tarot gain access to information from the Ether (also called the spirit world)
    • The tarot gains access to the subconscious mind and unlocks buried truths or messages hidden by our Ego
    • The tarot acts as a tool to access the subconscious mind, where you can interact with spirits

    Many believe tarot can bring clear answers about the future or deliver messages from the spirit world. Psychic Claudette Beaulieu writes in the article, Can psychics predict the future, that it might be able to look into the future, but the aspect of time is hard to determine.

    Even if psychic abilities existed, and the tarot worked as a tool for gaining insights into the future, it would be tough to pinpoint exact times and dates. The Ether doesn’t follow the laws of nature and time construction.

    I use the tarot for divination but never rule the messages as definite truth; too many variables could skew a reading.

    I use the tarot as guidance as it empowers the querent; they can change the outcome through their actions and decisions. If you rely on the tarot as a definite tool to look into the future, you are just a bysitter of your destiny.

    As there is no scientific evidence to predict love with certainty, keeping an open mind to the answers gained in reading is always best.

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    Even if tarot readings to predict love are challenged, there are excellent spiritual benefits that you can’t duck.

    As you start an inner dialogue and access unblock repressed feelings and thoughts, gain an understanding of yourself, your actions, and what you can do to optimize the chances of finding love or strengthening your relationship.

    Tarot has a fantastic way of bringing light to the shadows, and you can heal traumas and correct thought patterns that are not serving you.

    Never rule the answers as definite truths, as there are too many uncertainties about the answers we gain. Different readers read the cards. Differently, there is no one answer.

    As we don’t know the spiritual world, we can’t for sure say how they contact us either (if spirits exist). Maybe they use our minds in ways we don’t know, so it is hard to say if psychic abilities exist, tarot works, or it is just confirmation bias in action.

    Ultimately, it is up to you to decide on the effectiveness of the tarot. Are you a rationalist or a spiritualist, or something in between? One thing I have learned is that things seldom are black or white. It’s more often a shade of gray.

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