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Treat yourself with the gift of calmness and direction.
Take control of your destiny with well-founded decisions and a clear mindset.

Please read the code of ethics, client agreement, and terms and conditions before booking.

How it Works

With the help of the tarot, you gain access to answers hidden within. Together we focus on actionable steps to help you move toward your personal goals in a way that aligns with your inner compass and core values.

I will create a custom spread targeting your specific question and situation. You will receive a PDF email with a picture of your cards, spread, and reading. You also get suggestions on crystals or incents to support your path to healing and alignment.

  1. Send me an email requesting a reading using the book now buttons
  2. You will recieve an email with the link to the intake form and the expected time of delivery
  3. Answer the questions in the intake form 
  4. You will receive a PayPal invoice to your inbox
  5. Pay the invoice in full within 48 hours or your booking will be automatically cancelled
  6. You receive a PDF with your reading in your email

If you have any questions, I’m always happy to help.

What A Tarot Spread Is And How To Choose The Perfect One For You

Know exactly what you get

Download my sample PDF to familiarize yourself with my reading style and what a reading might include.

Kara Buntin

The fact that Sandra brought up things that I had been kind of thinking about but hadn’t really taken the time to REALLY think about was very powerful. It made me realize that I was on the right track as far as feeling that I need to work on those things!

Before the reading, I was kind of in a good place but a bit stressed out. After the reading, I have more clarity and will continue to process the information as I go on.

It was really interesting that the reading addressed things that I had been thinking about but hadn’t really thought about formally, and it was helpful to have it presented in a formal way.

I would recommend a reading to anyone who wanted a little clarity. Even if you don’t feel like a reading is exactly what you want, that tells you something, too, and it will help you clarify things for yourself.

Sandra Carter

I booked Sandra’s reading as my life was becoming confusing; I asked Sandra for a reading to help clarify my situation.

The answers she gave were amazingly accurate. It was the confirmation I needed that it was time to consider changing careers and pursue what I feel drawn to do instead of what has been unfulfilling for so long.

The “aha!” moment was when Sandra used an obscure English idiom in my reading that I had actually been using in my personal journal to describe my situation. That blew my mind!

Since then I have had another reading and also learned through her Sage Lantern blog how to use and interpret Tarot cards on my own. I’m learning so much, and I appreciate her guidance and friendship.

I highly recommend Sandra’s services to anyone seeking direction and clarity.

Do want a Calmer and more Focused life?