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Tarot as a lifestyle

Tarot is a spiritual tool that helps us unlock secrets hidden deep within. Tarot helps you manifest your deepest desires and dreams.
A tarot reading untangles a cloudy mindset and realigns your inner compass to your true Higher Self.
Lift the veil to your subconscious mind and discover your true potential.

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Sandra Törnroth

Certified Trusted Tarot Advisor

My name is Sandra Törnroth. I’m a certified professional tarot advisor from the Aland Islands, Finland. I have many years of the in-person reading experience. I specialize in career and life-purpose readings and here to help you reach your goals.

As a multi-modal tarot reader, I use crystals and incents as a part of my tarot practice. I’m here to turn your questions to answers.


Sandra Törnroth graduated from the Biddy Tarot’s Trusted Tarot Advisor program in 2022.

Certified Biddy Tarot Advisor


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