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Is Your Tarot Reader Legit: 10 Key Indicators

    You have a burning question that needs answers and the support and guidance of a trusted tarot reader. Before you book your appointment, there are some important factors that you need to check. It’s crucial to ensure that your reader is legit.

    You want to work with someone who understands you and brings meaningful advice, not one that takes advantage of you for an easy and quick buck.

    One of the most important factors is your trust in your tarot reader. This means that they help you understand the limits of tarot reading. In this way, you won’t feel disappointed or misled.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Always ensure they show empathy and compassion towards your situation and won’t judge you or your circumstances. You deserve to work with someone kind and understanding. No one is perfect, and you are there to make improvements, right?

    It is not uncommon for some people to take advantage of people in need to gain easy money. Ensure you don’t fall into traps by checking for the ten signs in this article. You deserve the best of the best!

    A quick guide to reviewing a tarot reader

    Here are ten important things to look for in a legit tarot practice. The more “yes” you get, the better,

    1. It is a registered business
    2. You will be able to get a receipt
    3. There is a refund or reclamation policy
    4. They have a code of ethics
    5. They have a client agreement
    6. They have testimonials
    7. They have experience and expertise in reading the cards
    8. The reader will listen to you and respect you
    9. The tarot reader is not pushy for sales
    10. Nothing feels off or shady

    Sign #1: empowerment and agency

    There are no definite answers and a future set in stone. You can always change the future through active decisions and smart choices. What is seen in the cards is what might happen if you don’t change a thing!

    Your tarot reader must make you feel empowered and in charge of your life. You can change the outcomes; the reading gives you the game field.

    Never let anyone tell you you can’t impact your future because you can! You should always leave a tarot reading feeling in charge and have a strategy moving forward.

    In the (extreme) examples below, you can see the difference.

    Example of an unhelpful tarot reading: The cards show you will crash your car.

    Example of a helpful tarot reading: The cards show that you might be involved in a car accident; Make sure to check that your car is up to snuff. Always drive carefully and have your seatbelt on at all times. If you are a passenger, ensure the driver is in good condition driving.

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    A legit tarot reader will never scare you into booking a tarot reading. Shady readers might say they know “a secret” or feel “you are cursed.” The only way that you can access this information is if you book a reading with them.

    Never book a reading because of scare tactics. A good tarot reader will never force or scare you but empower you and make you feel good. A legit tarot reader will have clients without scarifying them to book readings.

    Look out for these scare tactics

    • A tarot reader approaches you and says they had a “vision.” They can only tell you more if you let them read the cards, for a charge, of course.
    • A tarot reader says they have seen “things” during a reading but need extra money to draw clarifying cards. They often have a concerned look on their face to push the sale.
    • Tarot readers might say they had a feeling that you needed to read the cards. They want to sense urgency and that you or a loved one might be in peril.
    • A tarot reader says that a ghost is following you. They can identify the spirit by reading the cards – for a charge!
    • Tarot readers say they can sense a dead loved one who must pass you a message. You need to book a reading to access the message.

    sign #3: Respect and clear boundaries

    A good tarot reader is clear about their boundaries, what they will do and not. In most cases, you will find the boundaries and “rules” for the readings in their “Code of Ethics” document.

    In my code of ethics, the clients can read what kind of readings I do, and not alongside other important information about the readings. I also state what I ask of the client.

    This way, you will never be tricked into thinking you will gain the information you want. You can prepare for your reading to gain the most out of your session.

    A tarot reader that will adapt to any question the client asks is often not a professional reader, as they fish for information and go where to stream takes them.

    When you feel that a tarot reader guides you through the reading and makes you feel comfortable and secure, you most likely have a great tarot reader.

    A legit tarot reader always respects your boundaries and doesn’t push you to do anything you don’t feel ok with.

    Sign #4: Experience and Expertise

    Learning the tarot and how to ask the “right” questions to unlock the most powerful answers takes time. Because of this, a good tarot reader has experience and expertise in card meanings, caring for clients, and how to help their clients grow spiritually.

    Psychic or intuitive readings are very popular and something that I do myself. However, psychic tarot readings are harder to verify as they rely on the reader’s psychic abilities more than the card meanings and the tarot system itself. Just something good to be aware of.

    I have seen many cases where frauds have said they do intuitive tarot readings just because they have no clue how to read the cards correctly.

    With this said, all tarot readers start from the beginning. No one is born with the knowledge and experience of seasoned readers. Beginner tarot readers can be legit, but it is harder to verify their expertise as they seldom have referrals or testimonials.

    You must trust your gut feeling when booking sessions with beginner tarot readers.

    Tips for checking experience

    • Look for testimonials on the tarot reader’s website (it is ok to ask for contact details if you wish)
    • Do a quick search online. Write the name of the tarot reader or service and review it at the end. Example: ” Sage’s Lantern Tarot + reviews” in your browser’s search bar.
    • Ask for certifications or diplomas
    • Ask how long they have been reading the cards
    • Ask what type of tarot reading they do (an experienced tarot reader will be able to give you detailed answers).

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    Sign #5: Empathy and Compassion

    A legit tarot reader will always show empathy and compassion for your situation. It is a red flag if you notice that the tarot reader is not caring for you, guilt-tripping you, or doesn’t listen to your story with an open heart.

    Sign #6: follow-ups

    Most legit tarot readers to follow-ups to check that everything is ok and ask if you have questions or need more guidance. This follow-up should never feel like a sales push but come from a place of care and concern.

    Sign #6: morals and ethics

    Check if the tarot reader has an ethics code on their website or can give it to you. Anyone can create a code and not follow it, but it indicates your tarot reader’s seriousness. It is mostly a bad sign if it is missing. You get the point.

    Sign #7: Testimonials and Recommendations

    Ask if the tarot reader has testimonials, and contact them if your gut feeling tells you to! It is easy for anyone to post fake testimonials on a website.

    You can also ask for certifications or diplomas. Not all legit tarot readers have official training, but it can point in a direction if you are uncertain of their qualifications.

    Sign #8: registered company

    Check if the tarot reader has a registered business or not. It is a sign that they might not be legit if they don’t. If they charge you, they should have a registered business.

    Ask if it is possible to get a receipt or invoice. If you can’t, go to another tarot reader.

    Sign #9: reclamation policy

    There should be a reclamation policy if you purchase a reading. All services sold should have a reclamation policy in place.

    If your tarot reader doesn’t have clear instructions for dealing with reclamations, turn to another reader. You must be able to get reimbursed if you find that your reading was not what you expected.

    It is also important to check the client’s agreement on what is expected of you as a client so there are no unnecessary disagreements. A legit tarot reader will be able to resolve issues with respect and understanding – at all times.

    Sign #10: Professionalism

    A legit tarot reader will show professionalism at all times. They will listen to you, give you a receipt, have a registered business, and always listen to you and treat you with respect. You will never feel forced to pay extra to access messages.

    They have a decent set-up where you get into the mood and vibe of the tarot reading. The surroundings are more important than many think. It is all about creating a sacred space for your subconscious mind to surface. This is only possible in a safe and secure environment with people you trust.

    In summary

    The most important thing is always to listen to your gut feeling; if something feels off, it probably is. You should never accept a reading from anyone that uses scare tactics.

    Never accept a reading from anyone claiming you are haunted or cursed. The same goes with any tarot reader stating they hear loved ones calling for them from beyond the grave. They are playing your soft spots, and this is not a legit way of practicing tarot,

    Be sure that you always feel safe with your tarot reader and that they listen to your concerns and questions. You should never feel ignored or taken advantage of.

    It is always a great idea to ask the tarot reader for their code of ethics and reclamation policy. They should also be able to give you a receipt. Legit tarot readers have registered businesses if they charge you for their services.

    If you want professional tarot reading with your best at heart, I am always here to guide you and help you. You can check my bookings page for more information.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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