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5 Tarot Spreads for Heartbreak

    If you’ve stumbled upon this blog post, chances are you’re going through a tough time, wrestling with the weight of a broken heart. Heartbreak is no easy journey, but you’re not alone in this emotional rollercoaster.

    Tarot, a centuries-old divination tool, can gently guide us through life’s labyrinthine passages. It gives us a unique lens to understand our experiences, including the pain of a shattered heart.

    Tarot spreads, in particular, offer a structured way to unravel the layers of our emotions, gain insight into our healing process, and ultimately find the path to reclaiming our joy.

    In this blog post, we’ll be your compassionate companions, introducing you to a collection of heartbreak tarot spreads carefully crafted to assist you on your healing journey.

    These spreads are like roadmaps, guiding you through the tangled emotions, memories, and reflections accompanying heartbreak. There’s a spread here, whether you seek clarity, closure, or a renewed sense of self.

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    As heartbreak is not linear, there will be different challenging emotions to address on your path to inner peace and healing. I have chosen tarot spreads that I noticed have been helpful for many of my clients.

    Below are the tarot spreads included in this article.

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    Spread #1: How to deal with separation

    When faced with the challenges of separation, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, confused, and unsure of how to navigate the emotional landscape.

    In this powerful spread, we’ll explore five positions that offer insight, support, and actionable guidance for your healing journey. Each position holds a special significance, revealing different aspects of your emotions, lessons to be learned, self-care practices, growth opportunities, and the importance of maintaining healthy boundaries.

    Remember, this spread is not about predicting the future but about gaining a deeper understanding of your present state and finding solace in the wisdom of the tarot cards.

    Let them be your trusted companions as you navigate the labyrinth of separation, providing comfort and clarity when you need it most.

    • Card 1: The Current State of Your Emotions
    • Card 2: The Lesson of the Separation
    • Card 3: Guidance for Self-Care and Nurturing
    • Card 4: How To Deal With the Emotional Pain
    • Card 5: Advice for Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

    Reading the Cards

    • Pay attention to the emotional state revealed in card 1. It will help you understand your feelings and provide a starting point for healing.
    • Card 2 sheds light on the lessons or gifts the separation offers you. It may indicate personal growth or valuable insights gained from the experience.
    • Card 3 guides you on self-care and nurturing practices. These cards will suggest ways to prioritize your well-being during this challenging time.
    • Card 4 guides how to deal with the numbing emotional pain of separation.
    • Card 5 advises setting and maintaining healthy boundaries while navigating the separation process. These cards will provide insights into establishing clear limits and protecting your emotional well-being.

    Explore each position in the spread, understanding the significance of the emerging cards. Learn how to interpret the cards, gain insights into your emotions, discover the lessons to be learned, nurture yourself, and find opportunities for personal growth.

    Embrace healthy boundaries and navigate the complexities of separation with grace.


    Healing from heartbreak is a courageous and transformative journey. In this empowering spread, we’ll explore five positions with profound insights and actionable guidance to help you navigate the healing path.

    Each position is carefully designed to support you in acknowledging past pain, practicing self-care, embracing new opportunities, experiencing personal transformation, and finding guidance to move forward with resilience and hope.

    Remember, the tarot cards are not here to predict your destiny but to illuminate the hidden truths within your heart and provide solace during this transformative process. Allow the cards to be your gentle allies, helping you uncover the wisdom and strength you possess within.

    • Card 1: Acknowledging and Releasing Past Pain
    • Card 2: Self-Love and Self-Care Practices
    • Card 3: Inviting New Opportunities and Relationships
    • Card 4: Embracing Personal Growth and Transformation
    • Card 5: Guidance for Moving Forward

    Reading the Cards

    • Card 1 encourages you to acknowledge and release the pain from the past. The cards will help you understand and let go of any lingering emotions that may hinder your healing process.
    • Card 2 focuses on self-love and self-care practices. These cards will guide you in nurturing yourself and rebuilding your inner strength and confidence.
    • Card 3 explores the invitations to new opportunities and relationships. The cards will provide insights into the potential positive experiences and connections that await you.
    • Card 4 signifies personal growth and transformation. These cards will shed light on the areas where you can focus your energy to foster personal development and create a fulfilling future.
    • Card 5 offers guidance for moving forward. The cards will provide wisdom and advice on the path ahead, reminding you of your resilience and strength.

    SPREAD #3. How to Heal from Heartbreak

    Embarking on a healing journey after heartbreak requires strength, compassion, and a willingness to dive deep within.

    In this transformative spread, we’ll explore the root causes of your heartbreak, release emotional baggage, rebuild self-trust and self-worth, cultivate forgiveness, and open your heart to new beginnings.

    As you engage with the “How to Heal from Heartbreak” spread, remember that this is your journey, and the tarot cards illuminate the truths within you.

    Embrace the healing process with an open heart, allowing the tarot to guide you. Trust that the cards will help you navigate the complexities of your emotions, release what no longer serves you, and empower you to create a life filled with love, joy, and fulfillment.

    • Card 1: Understanding the Root Causes of the Heartbreak
    • Card 2: Emotional Healing and Releasing Baggage
    • Card 3: Rebuilding Self-Trust and Self-Worth
    • Card 4: Cultivating Forgiveness and Letting Go
    • Card 5: Embracing New Beginnings

    Reading the Cards

    • Card 1 delves into the root causes of your heartbreak. The cards will help you better understand the factors that contributed to the pain you experienced.
    • Card 2 focuses on emotional healing and releasing baggage. These cards will guide you in processing your emotions, letting go of past hurts, and finding inner peace.
    • Card 3 addresses self-trust and self-worth. These cards will offer insights into rebuilding your confidence, reclaiming your sense of self, and fostering a healthy relationship with yourself.
    • Card 4 explores the journey of forgiveness and letting go. The cards will assist you in cultivating forgiveness towards yourself and others, freeing yourself from the burden of resentment.
    • Card 5 signifies the emergence of new beginnings. These cards will guide and encourage you as you enter a future filled with hope, growth, and fresh opportunities.

    SPREAD #4. How to Heal After a Divorce Tarot Spread

    Navigating the challenging terrain of divorce requires immense strength and resilience. It is good to remember that this spread is not just for divorce but also for long relationships ending.

    In this empowering spread, we’ll explore five cards that will help you reflect on the lessons and growth from your marriage, heal emotional wounds, nurture your identity and independence, rebuild trust in relationships, and open your heart to a new chapter of love and happiness.

    As you engage with the “How to Heal After a Divorce” spread, remember that this is your personal story of resilience and transformation.

    The cards offer guidance, wisdom, and encouragement, but your intuition will ultimately lead the way. Trust in your inner strength and allow the cards to be a mirror that reflects your healing power.

    • Card 1: Reflecting on the Lessons and Growth from the Marriage
    • Card 2: Healing the Emotional Wounds
    • Card 3: Nurturing Your Identity and Independence
    • Card 4: Rebuilding Trust in Relationships
    • Card 5: Embracing a New Chapter of Love and Happiness

    Reading the Cards

    • Card 1 invites you to reflect on the lessons learned and the growth achieved during your marriage. The cards will help you gain insights into the experiences that shaped you.
    • Card 2 focuses on healing the emotional wounds resulting from the divorce. These cards will guide you in processing your emotions, finding closure, and fostering self-compassion.
    • Card 3 emphasizes nurturing your identity and independence. These cards will guide rediscovering your passions, goals, and individuality.
    • Card 4 explores the journey of rebuilding trust in relationships. The cards will offer insights into developing healthier boundaries, restoring faith in others, and cultivating meaningful connections.
    • Card 5 signifies the emergence of a new chapter filled with love and happiness. These cards will encourage you to open your heart to new possibilities, reminding you that love can be found again, even after experiencing heartache.

    SPREAD #5. ending a relationship Tarot Spread

    Navigating the ending of a significant relationship is a profound and transformative experience. As you embark on the path of closure, healing, and personal growth, the “Embracing Closure: Ending a Relationship” tarot spread provides guidance and support.

    In this empowering spread, we’ll explore five cards to help you gain clarity, process emotions, find closure, learn valuable lessons, and pave the way for a brighter future.

    Remember, the tarot cards serve as mirrors to reflect your inner wisdom and intuition. The spread will provide gentle guidance, but your intuition will ultimately guide you toward healing and growth.

    As you engage with this spread, open your heart to the messages and insights the cards offer. Allow them to be compassionate companions on your journey, helping you navigate the complexities of ending a relationship with grace and resilience.

    • Card 1: Clarity on the Relationship’s End
    • Card 2: Processing Emotions
    • Card 3: Finding Closure
    • Card 4: Lessons Learned
    • Card 5: Embracing a Brighter Future

    Reading the Cards

    • Card 1 focuses on gaining clarity and understanding regarding the end of the relationship. The card drawn here will shed light on the reasons or circumstances that led to the relationship’s closure, providing insight and a foundation for healing.
    • Card 2 delves into the emotions that arise from ending the relationship. The card drawn here will help you explore and understand the range of emotions you’re experiencing, providing guidance on navigating and processing them healthy and transformative.
    • Card 3 represents the path to finding closure. It offers guidance on the steps to bring a sense of resolution and completion to the relationship, allowing you to move forward with greater peace and acceptance.
    • Card 4 explores the valuable lessons and insights from the relationship’s end. The card drawn here illuminates the wisdom and growth you can take away from the experience, empowering you to integrate those lessons into your personal development journey.
    • Card 5 focuses on embracing the potential of a brighter future after the relationship end. The card drawn here offers guidance and encouragement as you step into new beginnings, reminding you of the opportunities, self-discovery, and positive experiences that await you.

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    final thoughts

    Remember, tarot readings are subjective, and the interpretations may vary based on the individual and their situation.

    Use these spreads as a starting point and trust your intuition to personalize the messages from the cards to your healing journey.

    It is also good to remember that healing from heartbreak is a nonlinear process. Some days you’ll feel like you’re making great strides, while others may find you treading through the muddy waters of sorrow.

    But through it all, the tarot spreads will be there, acting as a supportive friend, illuminating your path, and offering solace in times of darkness. Remember, the challenging emotions will calm, and you will find peace again, even if it might not feel like it now.

    If you want me to read the cards for you, book a reading with me. I love to ask the cards for insights into your unique situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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