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Predicting a Walk Down the Aisle: Tarot Cards for Marriage

    Ah, marriage! Such a beautiful union of souls. If you’re looking for tarot cards that may suggest the possibility or significance of marriage, there are a few to watch for during a reading. The cards offer guidance and insight, so let’s explore a couple that might catch your attention.

    As a general rule, the 10 of Cups is the strongest tarot card to indicate marriage. However, the 4 Wands might suggest the wedding ceremony itself. The Suit of Cups all have strong connections with marriage and can all be seen as indicators.

    This article looks at the tarot cards connected with marriage and weddings. There is also a helpful list of card combinations to make it even easier to spot cards that might point toward marriage.

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    The ten of cups

    The 10 of Cups is a card that radiates harmony, joy, and fulfillment in emotions and relationships and is one of my favorite cards when it comes to indications of marriage.

    It is the fulfillment of a relationship. With modern eyes, it also means that two people (regardless of gender identity) are finally a family unit with or without kids.

    Remember, the cards were created long ago when family and marriage were tightly connected. Today you don’t have to be married, but the idea and meaning of the card persist as a marker for marriage and family.

    Now, why is the 10 of Cups associated with marriage? Well, let’s dive in!

    First and foremost, the card portrays a harmonious and loving partnership. The couple in the image stands side by side, symbolizing a strong bond and mutual support.

    They represent a relationship built on trust, understanding, and deep emotional connection. These qualities are often considered the foundation of a successful and long-lasting marriage.

    The rainbow of cups above the couple signifies abundance and emotional fulfillment. It represents the harmonious blending of emotions and the harmonious integration of various aspects of life.

    In the context of marriage, this card suggests that the relationship brings both partners a sense of completeness and emotional wholeness.

    It’s important to note that while the 10 of Cups is strongly associated with marriage, it doesn’t guarantee it will happen or that the marriage will be without challenges.

    Tarot cards provide insights and guidance but don’t dictate or control our destinies. They offer us a glimpse into a situation’s energies and possibilities.

    So, if you receive the 10 of Cups in a tarot reading and are curious about marriage, take it as a positive sign.

    It suggests that the potential for a loving and fulfilling partnership is present, and it encourages you to nurture and cultivate that connection.

    Remember, your actions, choices, and the dynamics within the relationship influence the outcome.

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    The four of wands

    The Four of Wands is all about celebration, harmony, and the coming together of people in a joyous gathering. This card is not as much about marriage as the wedding itself.

    When you get this card in your spread, you know a wedding might be around the corner!

    In the traditional depiction, we see a scene where four wands are elegantly adorned with flowers, forming a beautiful archway. Two individuals stand beneath this arch, surrounded by a festive atmosphere. It looks like a celebration of love.

    The card’s imagery of the archway formed by the wands represents unity and partnership. It signifies the coming together of two individuals, their families, and their communities to celebrate and support their union.

    The card’s imagery of the archway formed by the wands represents unity and partnership. It signifies the coming together of two individuals, their families, and their communities to celebrate and support their union.

    Sandra Törnroth

    This card also emphasizes the importance of community and the support of loved ones in marriage.

    It suggests that the couple is surrounded by a network of friends, family, and well-wishers who are there to celebrate and uplift them.

    The Four of Wands indicates that the couple’s union is not just about the two individuals but also about the support and blessings of their community.

    It’s important to note that while the Four of Wands is often associated with weddings, it doesn’t guarantee that marriage will occur or the relationship will be without challenges.

    Tarot cards provide insights and guidance but don’t determine our destinies. They offer us glimpses into the energies and possibilities surrounding a situation.

    So, if you receive the Four of Wands in a tarot reading and are curious about marriage, take it as a positive sign.

    It suggests that the potential for a joyful and celebratory union is present, and it encourages you to embrace and cherish the love and support in your life.

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    The Lovers

    Ah, the card of love and connection! What would a list of cards indicating marriage be without the Lovers?

    When The Lovers appear, it often signifies a deep bond and harmonious partnership. Love and partnership are the pillars of a marriage, so I always see this as a great sign of marriage when seen in a love reading.

    The angel gives the lovers it’s blessing, which can also be seen as holy matrimony.

    But it is not all roses and sunshine; the card also indicates temptations and the exclusion from Paradise. You notice the symbols from Adam and Eve, right?

    Depending on the situation, this card can be a strong indication of marriage but sometimes a sign of a challenging one. But what marriage is not difficult at times?

    As married, I know marriage is not always sunshine and roses. This card signifies a long-lasting marriage as they will hit the road bumps and persevere.

    The Hierophant

    This card often symbolizes tradition, commitment, and formal partnerships. See this as a sign of a wedding certificate, not the feelings surrounding marriage and weddings.

    It represents the influence of societal or religious structures in relationships. Back in the day, many marriages were initiated by pregnancy. If you want to learn all about what cards might indicate a pregnancy, I invite you to read the article below.

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    When The Hierophant appears, it suggests that marriage might be on the horizon or that you may need guidance from established institutions.

    It can remind you to honor your values and commitments within a relationship. Sometimes it can indicate that marriage is formed due to societal pressure, not only love.

    The Two of Cups

    This card embodies the essence of partnership and deep emotional connection. Look at how they look at each other. She brings him her cup filled with love, and he accepts it.

    Back in the day, this might have represented an engagement. He had to ask for her hand in marriage, and she had to bring him wedding gifts. The wedding was not all about love but about family politics.

    The two of cups often signify a union built on love, mutual respect, and harmony. In numerology, two stands for harmony and balance.

    The Empress

    The Empress is a card of abundance, fertility, and nurturing energy. This is the female energy of a marriage.

    Back in the day, marriage was about securing the family heritage. Children were significant for the family’s survival, and all the belongings were to be protected by the union. Fertility was vital for a successful marriage.

    Today things look a bit different, but the essence of the card itself persists. It is about creating a family and abundance.

    This card encourages you to embrace the nurturing qualities within yourself and your relationship, fostering a sense of harmony and fulfillment.

    Remember, these cards provide insights, but the outcome depends on the unique circumstances surrounding you and your partner.

    Tarot card combinations that indicate marriage

    Here’s a table of tarot card combinations that might indicate marriage.

    Card CombinationExplanation
    The Lovers + The HierophantThe Lovers represent a deep bond and connection, while The Hierophant symbolizes commitment and tradition. Together, they suggest a strong possibility of a meaningful and traditional marriage.
    The Lovers + The Two of CupsThe Lovers symbolize love and connection, and the Empress represents abundance and nurturing energy. This combination suggests a marriage filled with love, fertility, and growth, where both partners encourage and support each other in a flourishing union.
    The Lovers + The Ten of PentaclesThe Lovers represent a deep bond, and the Ten of Pentacles signifies stability and long-lasting commitment. This combination indicates the potential for a lasting and prosperous marriage, bringing emotional and material fulfillment.
    The Hierophant + The Two of CupsThe Hierophant symbolizes commitment and traditional partnerships, while the Two of Cups signifies a deep emotional connection. Together, they suggest the possibility of a committed and loving marriage rooted in shared values and emotions.
    The Hierophant + The Ten of PentaclesThe Lovers represent love and connection, and the Two of Cups signifies a deep emotional bond. This combination suggests a strong, loving partnership that may lead to a fulfilling and harmonious marriage.
    The Two of Cups + The Ten of PentaclesThe Hierophant represents formal partnerships, and the Ten of Pentacles signifies stability and family life. This combination indicates the potential for a secure and blessed marriage that brings emotional fulfillment and material stability.
    The Lovers + The EmpressThe Lovers symbolize love and connection, and the Empress represents abundance and nurturing energy. This combination suggests a marriage filled with love, fertility, and growth, where both partners nurture and support each other in a flourishing union.

    Remember, these combinations are not definitive indicators but insights to consider within the context of a tarot reading.

    Tarot is a tool for self-reflection and guidance, so trust your intuition and use these interpretations to deepen your understanding of the potential for marriage in your unique situation.

    A clarification card might be beneficial if you find reading the cards in combinations hard. Learn everything about clarification cards in the article below.

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    The suit of Cups and marriage

    Getting many cups in your spread can signify that love and marriage are around the corner.

    The suit of cups is considered the best indicator of love and marriage because it beautifully encapsulates emotions, relationships, intuition, fulfillment, and spiritual connection.

    The suit of cups encourages us to dive deep into our hearts and embrace the richness and beauty of love.

    Imagine the suit of cups as a collection of beautiful and delicate vessels that symbolize emotions, relationships, and the depth of our feelings. Each cup represents a unique aspect of love, making it a perfect fit for matters of the heart.

    Cups are closely associated with our emotions. Love is a profoundly emotional experience, and the suit of cups reflects this perfectly.

    Just like cups can be filled or emptied, relationships can flourish when there’s an exchange of love and affection, and they can suffer when emotional needs are neglected.

    Moreover, the suit of cups embodies the idea of intuition and inner wisdom. When it comes to matters of love and marriage, it’s crucial to listen to your heart and trust your instincts.

    Cups remind us that love and marriage are not just about the external aspects but also the spiritual and emotional bonds we share with our partners.

    Timing and tarot readings about marriage

    Using tarot cards to determine when you will get married can be challenging, as tarot is not inherently designed to provide specific dates or timelines.

    However, there are a few approaches you can consider to gain a sense of timing concerning marriage:

    1. Card combinations: Pay attention to card combinations that suggest a potential timeframe. For example, if cards associated with celebrations or milestones appear alongside cards indicating love and commitment, it may mean that marriage could be on the horizon soon. However, it’s important to remember that these interpretations are subjective, and personal choices and external factors can still influence timing.
    2. Numerology: Each tarot card is associated with a number, and numerology can offer some insight into timing. If you get, for example, an Ace, it might mean that a proposal might be around the corner. It is the beginning of your journey as married.
    3. Court cards: Pay attention to the court cards, which represent different stages and ages of life. The appearance of court cards associated with maturity and stability, such as the King or Queen, may suggest that marriage could come into your life when you or your partner reach a certain level of emotional or personal growth.
    4. Where the person on the card faces: If you have cards with persons on them, note where they are looking. If they are looking to the left (backward), it might indicate that marriage might not happen at all (the chance is in the past). If the person is looking straight on, it might happen very soon; if they look to the right, it might come in the future.
    5. Intuition and reflection: The best way to gain insight into timing is to trust your intuition and self-reflect. Tarot cards can act as a catalyst for introspection and self-awareness. Through deep reflection, you may gain a sense of readiness or identify essential milestones in your journey that could be significant in the timing of your marriage.

    Remember, tarot should be used as a tool for self-reflection and guidance rather than a fortune-telling method for precise timing. The future is not predetermined, and personal choices and circumstances play a significant role. Use tarot to gain insights, trust your intuition, and approach the topic of marriage with an open mind and patience.

    When not to ask the tarot about marriage

    While tarot cards can provide valuable insights and guidance, there are certain situations when it may not be the best idea to read tarot cards specifically about future marriage.

    1. Early stages of a relationship: If you’re in the early stages, focusing solely on tarot readings about future marriage might be premature. The primary focus should be building a solid foundation and getting to know each other better. Allow the relationship to develop naturally before seeking specific insights about marriage.
    2. Uncertainty or doubt: If you’re experiencing significant uncertainty or doubt about your relationship or the idea of marriage, it might not be the ideal time to consult tarot cards solely about marriage. In such situations, focusing on self-reflection, open communication with your partner, or seeking guidance from a trusted counselor or mentor may be more beneficial.
    3. Sole reliance on tarot: Relying solely on tarot cards for decisions regarding marriage might not provide a comprehensive understanding of your situation. It’s essential to supplement your readings with personal introspection, open dialogue with your partner, and seeking advice from people you trust. Tarot can be a valuable tool, but it should be part of a holistic approach to decision-making.
    4. Over-reliance on external validation: Seeking constant validation or reassurance from tarot cards about future marriage can be unhealthy. It’s important to cultivate trust in yourself and your intuition. Remember that you have the power to shape your destiny, and relying too heavily on external sources can hinder personal growth and decision-making.
    5. Obsession with a specific outcome: If you fixate on a particular outcome, such as getting married by a certain age or under specific circumstances, tarot readings may not be helpful. It’s essential to approach tarot with an open mind, allowing the cards to provide insights and guidance rather than trying to force a particular outcome.

    Remember, tarot is a tool for self-reflection and guidance and should be part of a balanced and thoughtful decision-making process.

    Trust your instincts and consider seeking support from trusted individuals or professionals when making important life choices like marriage.

    May you find clarity and wisdom in your journey toward love and marriage!

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    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric