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Find New Friends Tarot Spreads

    Maybe you have moved to another area or city and want to find friends. Perhaps you realized you need to inject new energy and experiences into your life. If you are like me, you might need a confidence boost to help you find the courage to reach out to others. Either way, the Tarot got you covered!


    The best Tarot spreads for finding new friends are the ones that are easy to decipher and not too complicated. I try to avoid complex spreads as they tend to dilute the message if you are not a professional with ninja-like skills.

    In this article, you will find helpful tarot spreads that are easy to use and understand. I have covered most areas of the friend-hunting spectrum so that you find a spread that matches you and your situation.

    Below are the tarot spreads included in this article.

    • How to grow self-confidence to find new friends
    • What is stopping you from finding new friends
    • How to find a new friend

    Preparation is key for clear and effective readings. If you want to learn more about this, I invite you to read the article below.

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    Let’s start from the beginning. Depending on your personality type, stepping out of your comfort zone and starting a conversation with unknown people might feel daunting.

    It is normal to feel a little anxious when making new connections. I often attend networking events in my line of work, which can sometimes be a real challenge.

    When you got self-confidence and feel ok in your skin, it is much easier to make new connections. This tarot spread is about building self-confidence by acknowledging your unique essence.

    Start the reading by making sure you are not going to be disturbed. I recommend that you write down ten things that you love about yourself. I know it can be challenging. But give it an honest try.

    You will be amazed at what beautiful things you can bring to a friendship. I bet the traits you find on the piece of paper are things you also appreciate in a friend.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your heart to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Keep an open heart and accept the messages from the Tarot with love and honesty

    Card #1: What is my essence

    At times it is hard to see our essence. The essence sets us apart from others, the little sprinkle that makes us unique. When we know our essence, it is much easier to grow self-confidence. We have something that others love and admire.

    Don’t worry about getting a “bad card” in this position. You can be great at turning chaos into order and peace (the Tower) or helping others get back on their feet when they are struck with losses or challenges (Death).

    Card #2: How to grow self-confidence

    Knowing how to grow self-confidence and self-love might be hard as we tend to have difficulty objectively looking at ourselves. See the Tarot as a friend that gives you loving advice.

    When you gain self-confidence, stepping outside your comfort zone and reaching out to new people is much easier.

    Please take note of the card; in many cases, it refers to a blockage. If it is a “good card,” you might have too much of this energy. Is it a “bad card”? You might have things you need to resolve to untangle the blockages holding you back.

    Card #3: What needs healing

    The third card is about what might need healing to find inner peace and acceptance. We all struggle with some trauma. At times we are not aware of what is causing negative inside chatter.

    Go slow and be kind to yourself at all times. Growing self-confidence takes a lifetime and will not be solved within a week or two. Allow yourself time to heal and explore your essence.


    It can be hard to understand why it is hard to find new friends. This tarot spread targets the root cause of why you might be struggling.

    It is common to notice strains of self-sabotage and limiting mindsets when exploring this tarot spread. Be kind to yourself; it is human to have shortcomings and areas we need improvements. This is what being a human is all about.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your heart to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Accept the message and work with the energies at play

    Card #1: Blockages

    The first card indicates what energy might be blocked. If you have blockages, it can impact your self-confidence, self-love, and self-esteem. This card is essential, don’t brush it off if it feels uncomfortable.

    Let the card grow on you, and take your time. In most cases, it takes a while to accept the card. It is not uncommon to feel confused. The answer might come to you when you least expect it to.

    I recommend placing clear quartz or rose quartz by your bedside. It might help you access the information you need to receive.

    Card #2: Illusions

    Card number two is all about illusions. At times we create a storyline that is not true to our essence. We build a persona that is not true to ourselves to comply with society’s rules and demands.

    Much of these “musts” and “rules” are illusions, something we build ourselves. It’s our Ego taking mainstage. These illusions might harm us and make us uncomfortable meeting new friends as we feel like imposters or “off.”

    Card #3: What needs healing

    The third card is all about highlighting what we might benefit from healing. Strengthening our weakest link will build us stronger from the core out. Inner strength will, in turn, lead to charisma, self-confidence, and the courage to show off our true essence.


    The previous tarot spreads have been all about our inner world. This tarot spread is more “practical” and brings us insights into what we might benefit from doing to find a new friend.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your heart to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Accept the message and work with the energies
    7. Remember to always be kind to yourself at all times

    Card #1: How to attract new friends

    The first card indicates what energy helps you attract new friends. Please take a close look at the card itself. Do you see anything in the card that sticks out to you? In many cases, the card’s meaning might be one layer of the answer; the intuitive message might be as important.

    Card #2: How to up my chances of finding friends

    The second card is all about what you can do to attract new friends. This card is a bit more practical than the first card.

    Don’t get freaked out if you get a “bad card” in this spot. It might not mean that anything challenging will happen – it might indicate that you need to change things around. Do it as slow or as fast as you want. You have the power – always!

    Card #3: Signs of a friend

    Card number three is discovering if a new connection can grow into a beautiful friendship.

    If you get a court card in this position, note its personality. Does it correlate with the person you just met? What is the overall vibe of the card?

    Significant signs of a life-lasting friendship are queens and kings. Pages are fun but more shallow friends. Knights are rebellious and wild.

    If you get a Minor or Major Arcana card, look at the card’s meaning. It might be an important clue about the person’s energy and if it might be a suitable friend for you.

    Always listen to you your heart and gut feeling. Give a person a chance, and never throw anyone off due to reading. Sometimes we don’t fully understand the meaning of spreads until much later.


    At times we all feel lonely. As we grow older, we tend to have fewer but more deep friendships.

    It is never the number of friends that is important. One true friend is much more valuable than a hundred acquaintances.

    I have always had few friends, but the ones I got, I will fight till the end of the day. I hope these tarot spreads can help you find friends like that. Never give up on your journey through life; a friend tends to show up when we least expect it to.

    Open your heart to the world around you. Take time to listen to what people say (and feel). Keep an open mind, and remember you can learn new things from everyone. These traits are often the only thing you need to unlock friendship.

    If you want advice on finding friends, book a reading with me. I love to ask the cards for insights into your unique situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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