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Can Tarot Attract Spirits, Ghosts, Or Entities?

    You, your friend, or your family member has just taken up a new hobby – reading tarot. Suddenly you get a bit frightened. Or, to be honest, really worried. Could the tarot cards attract spirits as depicted in the thrillers and horror movies?

    As a general rule, tarot cards don’t attract spirits. The tarot cards are merely a tool, it is the reader that taps into the spirit world. Spirits, entities, or ghosts, must be called upon through divination, intention, or ritual.

    Many myths surround the tarot. One of them is that the cards might attract spirits, ghosts, or entities. As there are many opinions, I asked Michelle Belanger, a psychic and occult specialist, about her thoughts on tarot cards and attachments. Let’s dig in.


    Do tarot cards attract spirits, ghosts, or entities? No tarot cards attract spirits, ghosts, or entities by themselves. Tarot cards are printed card stock with no “life” of its own.

    It’s the reader that adds energy into the mix. A tarot deck does not attract spirits without calling upon spirits through summoning and rituals. 

    If a tarot reader performs rituals to attract spirits, then yes, this can attract spirits. But it’s not the tarot deck itself that has the power to do so – it’s the reader. The key to attracting and connecting with spirits is divination. Cards can’t perform divination by themselves. 


    As there were two camps dividing the topic, divination and secular, I decided to ask an expert in the field. I tweeted Michelle Belanger for deeper insights and her take on this. Michelle is a leading authority on psychic and supernatural topics and is known for the tv-show Paranormal state.

    When I tweeted Michelle and asked if tarot cards can attract spirits I got this answer; “No more than an ordinary deck of cards might attract them – or talking about Milton’s Paradise Lost would summon the devil. Loraine Warren 100% believed Tarot cards were a portal to evil spirits because they were, in her opinion, anti-Christian. We disagreed.

    [Tarot cards attract spirits] no more than an ordinary deck of cards might attract them – or talking about Milton’s Paradise Lost would summon the devil.

    Michelle Belanger
    Michelle Belanger
    Michelle Belanger. Photo by Rusty McDonald

    I asked why many thought tarot cards had the power to attract supernatural entities. If you read tarot forums online, you notice a divide in options.

    Michelle answers, “Some beliefs about how Tarot cards can open a pathway to evil spirits are tied to old European assertions that all dice, playing cards & gaming equipment will lead to evil and sin because gambling was frowned upon by the Church.”

    Michelle continues, “Rules against divination of any form also play in.”

    Michelle’s consensus is in line with mine. Tarot cards are just physical objects, and they have no power to attract spirits by themselves. It’s the reader that adds “magic” into the mix. I have written an article if you want to learn more about tarot and black magic.


    Is tarot black magic?


    As there is a divide between those who believe tarot cards can attract spirits and those how don’t, I decided to create a poll in a Facebook community.

    67% thought tarot cards could not attract spirits. 22% answered they believed they could. 10% answered maybe. In total, 472 persons answered the poll.

    In the table below, I gathered the data for you. As always in Facebook polls, people add new creative options. These can be very informative as well. I placed the creative options in an overarching category to make the table easier to read. 

    In the picture below is a screenshot of the poll.

    I have no idea20%

    A majority of tarot practitioners don’t think tarot cards can attract spirits. Most readers regard tarot cards as tools. It is you, the reader, that taps into the spirit world. Not the cards.

    Some thought tarot cards could attract spirits. Many of them stated you could connect with spirits through the use of tarot cards, though. It’s not the cards themselves that act like beacons; it’s you. This is the same as those who answered no. 

    I think it is pretty safe to say that the overarching consensus is that the cards themselves do not attract spirits; the reader might do depending on the intent of the reading. There must be some ritual or divination for this to happen. It doesn’t happen by itself.


    While researching the article, I read lots of forum threads and literature and noticed two main camps. One camp thinks tarot is attracting spirits, and the other not.

    The camp in favor of the idea that tarot attracts spirits are people with a tradition in divination. The camp that doesn’t think the cards attract spirits has a secular belief system. Secular means they do not have any religious or spiritual beliefs connected to the cards.

    The core of the answer lies in the belief system of the reader. As with many paranormal experiences, the ones open to them are most likely to experience them. 

    My best bet is that they have an open mindset (and third eye) and can feel the energies of spirits. 

    If you read tarot with a secular belief system, you don’t invite spirits to the conversation. You work with your Ego, sub- and unconscious mind only. The tarot cards are a tool to unlock secrets hidden in your psyche by the Ego and other protective mechanisms.

    When working with tarot cards in a secular way, you work with your energies and psyche. Nothing is communicated from the spirit world. 

    The belief and intention of the reading and usage of the tarot cards are the keys to the answer.

    While researching this article, I found a very descriptive answer. The author’s identity is unknown. Here’s the link to the thread on Reddit.

    Anything you’re putting energy into might attract something passing by. Likely there would be no harm in having them around since it is likely something floating by now and then anyways. Though I’m willing to bet it’s no different than when you’re exerting strong emotional energy, such as during a big argument where negativity is being flung around left and right. If you believe they might be influencing your cards in any way, it helps to specify which source you would like to receive answers from or to ask for protection from the divine while you read.

    Unknown author, Reddit


    If you believe the tarot cards can attract spirits, there is a chance they will. It’s you and your intention for the reading that make this happen, though, not the cards themselves.

    If you feel a bit nervous about the chance of attracting spirits, you can do easy things to protect yourself and your tarot deck for attracting lingering spirits.


    Set a clear intention for the reading. You can say it out loud or in your head. It doesn’t matter. 

    A clear intention for the reading excludes darker spirits from entering the conversation. Please don’t leave it open for anyone to chime in.

    Use this example as a starting point if you get stuck.


    Great Divine, bearer of the divine light, I dedicate these cards as a tool for guidance and support at any level I might need.

    May the power of love and light now cast off any negative energy and attachments.

    Spirit, use these cards to bring truth, enlightenment, and blessing.

    I open my heart to receive any message I might need to hear.

    I cleanse my tarot reading area and cards with an amethyst crystal. I place the crystal on top of my deck. You can also use a tourmaline if you need protection from negative energies.


    Is tarot safe?


    It’s always a great idea to keep your deck, reading area, and yourself clear of residual energies. Note, though, not all residual energy is dark. Go with your gut feeling.

    Before you start reading, you can gently knock on the deck three times while imagining all residual energy fall off like dust. 

    Place a tourmaline crystal nearby and a bowl with sea salt.

    It doesn’t have to be more complex than this. Of course, there are many different methods for cleansing.

    If you want to learn how to cleanse your cards and reading area with sage, I have written an article on the subject. You will find the link below.

    In this picture, I cleanse my tarot cards with the help of a sage incense stick.


    Learn how to cleanse your tarot cards with sage.


    Another way to be sure that you keep your tarot deck clear of residual energies is to store it correctly in between readings.

    Use a tarot box or cloth to protect your tarot box against wear and tear. In addition, for spiritual protection, place a crystal on top of your deck. I recommend tourmaline, clear quartz, or selenite. These crystals are potent and should be enough in most cases.

    If you want to learn more about tarot boxes, I have written an article on the subject. You will find the link below.

    This is my wooden tarot box. I add a crystal and sometimes flowers to keep negative energies away between readings.


    As a general rule, tarot cards do not have the power to attract spirits by themselves. It’s the reader, or practitioner, that adds the magic into the mix. The tarot cards are merely a spiritual tool that you can use for divination or secular usages. 

    In a Facebook poll, 67% stated they did not believe tarot cards could attract spirits by themselves. Michelle Belanger, a well-renown expert in the paranormal, noted the same. 

    When you connect to external energies, the key to divination is the intention and the ritual. If you use the cards to communicate with spirits, the cards might attract supernatural entities.

    If you believe in or practice divination, you can protect yourself and your deck with cleansing, clear intention, and boundaries. There are many techniques for this. Knocking three times on the deck and protective crystals is an easy start.

    Store your tarot cards in a tarot box or cloth between readings. You can use a scarf or a box you have lying around at home. There’s no need to get something special. Place a protective crystal on top of your tarot cards during storage. I recommend tourmaline or selenite. 

    You should not be afraid of tarot cards. They are just cards with images printed on them. They do not attach spirits or dark entities more than your blow drier or refrigerator. 

    If you are not part of divination or summoning dark entities, the risk is minimal using tarot cards (or your blow drier, for that matter).

    Enjoy the wonderful world of tarot. 

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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