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Is Tarot Safe: A Professional Tarot Reader Weighs In

    You consider getting your first Tarot reading or learning to read the cards yourself but are a little worried Tarot might be dangerous in some way. Maybe you have heard stories of the Tarot attracting dangerous entities or that something terrible might happen. In this article, we’ll take a look if the Tarot is hazardous or not. Let’s get started!

    As a general rule, Tarot is not dangerous or harmful if the intention for the reading is to attract positive energies. If used without divination, it can’t be dangerous as the cards themselves do not inherit powers of their own.

    Due to pop culture and religious propaganda, Tarot has a bad reputation as evil or sinful. Tarot has been connected to the occult with its “dangerous” connotations of devil worship and alike. But do you need to be afraid to practice the Tarot or get a reading? I say no, and I’ll tell you why. 


    Lately, you have been playing with the thought of getting a Tarot reading. You might have unsolved questions lingering and want answers. You have heard about the Tarot but are not sure if it might be dangerous in some way. You are too afraid to book a meeting with a Tarot reading. 


    There are some common fears that I hear over and over again when it comes to the Tarot. Most of these fears are due to a lack of knowledge and insight. Let’s take a look at the most common ones. 

    I might die if I get the Death card

    No, the Tarot has no power to kill someone. The Death card means the end of a situation or phase in your life. Something new is coming, which might be better than what you have now.

    The Devil will possess me if I get the Devil’s card.

    No, you will not get possessed by the Devil. The card means that you have unhealthy addictions to material things or relationships.

    If the reading says something terrible is going to happen, it will.

    The Tarot does not have the power to change the future. It might, in some readings, predict it. But if you change your ways, the end will shift as well. You have free will and can change your future by the decisions you make.

    I will get killed if I get the Tower card.

    You will not get killed if you get the Tower card. The card indicates that your world is built on a weak foundation and that it might crash down on you. To be able to change your life, challenging happenings need to occur. It might turn out better for you in the end. It’s like that partner that broke up with you. Your world crashed, but in the end, you found true love.

    The tarot reader is able to see my private thoughts.

    No, your reader is not able to see your private thoughts. Tarot is not a mind-reading tool.

    The Tarot reader will tell my big secret.

    The reader is not able to “read” your secrets. Tarot is not a mind-reading tool. Professional Tarot readers take confidentiality very seriously. 

    It’s against my religion to read or get a reading – and I will get punished.

    The Tarot is not a religion, and you do not interact with the Devil or dark spirits. The conversations you will have are with your subconscious or unconscious mind. If you use Tarot for divination, ask to get answers from your “God.” You don’t need to ask anyone else. It’s the same as a prayer.

    Someone will murder me if I get the 10 of swords card.

    No-one will stab you in the back or get murdered if you get the 10 swords. The cards mean you have finished a cycle of your life and a new dawn is here. It’s a relief after a period of stress or struggles.

    I might get possessed by an evil spirit

    You will not get possessed by an evil spirit if you do not actively invite them or call upon them.

    My house will get haunted

    Your house will not get haunted if you don’t invite evil spirits or energies.


    The stigma regarding the Tarot is fading as more and more people use it as a tool for self-development and growth. It’s like yoga, meditation, or any other self-care ritual.


    There is no need to feel shame for taking care of your spiritual well-being.

    I will get scammed by the reader

    Go to a professional Tarot reader, and the risk is lowered. Use common sense when doing your due diligence. Look for credentials and testimonials. Is it too good to be true? Use your intuition. A big red warning flag is if the Tarot reader is not answering your questions or has a code of ethics.

    The reasons why you might feel afraid of the Tarot might seem long and daunting. Will you die if you get the “Death” card, or will you fall off a cliff if you get the “Tower”? Or worse, are you going to be possessed by evil spirits if the dreaded “Devil” card turns up during the reading? 

    I understand all of this might feel scary and dangerous if you are new to the world of the Tarot. But…

    As a general rule, nothing terrible will happen during a Tarot reading. Most of the things that people fear are based on myths and lore. There is no risk for you to get possessed or haunted by ghosts if not actively calling upon them (which never happens during a regular Tarot reading).

    Tarot will not change the future. It does not have the power to doom you or someone else. The Tarot is foremost a tool for soul-searching and spiritual growth. Some use it for divination to call upon spirit guides or light entities. It’s not common practice to call upon dark energies or the Devil. 

    Everything is about the intention of the reading. As long as your purpose is for good, there is generally no risk involved.

    The Devil card is not for devil worship but unhealthy addictions to material things or relationships.
    The Devil card is not for devil worship but unhealthy addictions to material things or relationships.


    Is the Tarot super-natural?

    Learn everything you need to know!


    Divination is when you seek information about the future using supernatural energies or entities. Not all Tarot readings use divination, though. Depending on your needs, you might be more interested in intuitive guidance than answers from beyond. 

    For a spell or attachment to happen or manifest, you need to invite an evil entity. Which you will never do, right? There’s no danger or risk if the reading intends to focus on light and positive energies as your guardian angels or alike.

    If you go to a fortune-teller or a psychic to find out what will happen in the future, you will probably need a reading with divination. 

    If you go to a Tarot counselor, coach, or advisor, you will not get a reading with divination but insights into your subconscious or unconscious mind.

    If you get a reading with divination, be sure to go to a professional reader with lots of experience and knowledge. In this way, there is little to no risk that any evil spirits or energies will manifest during the reading. In most cases, it is more “dangerous” for the reader than the seeker as the reader is the one connecting with the Ether. 

    If you don’t feel comfortable with divination, go for a Tarot adviser that will not connect with spirits or entities but work with your inner. They use the cards to unlock information hidden in your unconscious and subconscious mind. There are no external energies at play in this scenario.

    If you feel uncomfortable with divination, I recommend skipping those kinds of readings altogether. Focus on readings channeling your energy instead. 

    The great thing about Tarot readings without divination is that you regain control of your destiny and make active choices. In a fortune-telling scenario, you are told what will happen, not what you can do to alter it (if you want to). 

    Regardless of the reading you go for, I recommend you seek a professional reader. Tarot readings tend to stir up emotions and bottled-up energies. An experienced reader will help you handle those constructively.

    I know many that felt uneasy or stressed out by readings that were unclear to them. Often this causes “reading loops” where a seeker tries to answer questions by getting a new reading, and maybe another,.. and another… This can cause more harm than good.

    The Death card does not mean physical death, but an old phase of your life is ending, and a new one is beginning.


    There are some risks involved with Tarot that not many talks about. It has nothing to do with spirits, haunting, or dark entities. It’s the risk of experiencing addiction to readings.

    As a professional reader, I have met clients with addictions more than once. Addiction to Tarot can be devastating both psychologically and economically for the one suffering. It is surrounded by guilt, stigma, and feelings of worthlessness.

    I’m not a psychologist, but I feel that addiction might be caused by fear of making decisions. It’s easier if someone tells you what to do than make complex decisions on your own. Of course, we all have issues with this from time to time, but it’s on another scale with addiction. They might ask for readings every day or several times a day. 

    The main issue seems to be that they take the advice given in the readings as the “truth.” They pull themselves away from the stressful feelings of being in charge of their lives and decisions. 

    A professional reader does not allow for this behavior. Most experienced readers have 1-6 months in between readings.

    I asked fellow professional readers about their experiences, and almost everyone had a story to tell. It indicates that this is a common issue.

    A great way to help people, or yourself, if you get too entangled in the Tarot, is to restrict the access to endless readings. This is easier said than done if you are the one reading for yourself. Try to limit the number of readings, and go in-depth with the readings. Journal your daily experiences, and relate them to the reading. In this way, you shield yourself a bit from the urge to get new readings all the time. Instead, this focuses on your actions, not the Tarot itself.  



    Confirmation bias in connection to card reading is another risk that might impact your everyday life. This means, in short, that you are entrenched in what you believe will happen – and see signs everywhere. Confirmation bias might lead to a disconnect from the “real” world. This is an unhealthy behavior that might be caused by not understanding the essence of the Tarot and how it works. Tarot is guidance, and you still have to make your decisions.

    A self-fulfilling prophecy is another danger with Tarot readings. If you think that something will happen, you will eventually make it happen by your actions and strong belief. This is also caused when you have issues distancing yourself from the reading. 

    A reading might lead to anxiety levels if the reading points in a direction now wanted. This might happen when the seeker experience affect or is in a very emotionally fragile state. 


    Some tips are great to keep in mind when practicing Tarot or as a seeker.

    Be sure to know the difference between a reading with divination and without. Make your choice what you are comfortable with. If you are afraid of entities or getting in the crosshairs of your religion – focus on readings for self-discovery and growth. In these readings, you don’t predict the future or communicate with energies. 

    Make sure to keep a healthy distance between readings if you’re a seeker. One month is an excellent rule of thumb. If you experience problems deciding without asking the Tarot, take a step back. The Tarot is for advice, not “law.” 


    In general, you do not have to fear the Tarot. If you are afraid of attracting dark entities into your life, you don’t have to worry.

    To invoke dark entities, you need to invite them in. This is not the everyday use of the Tarot. 

    If you’re afraid you break any rules with your religion, ask to communicate with the “God” of your choice. Nothing else will come through. It’s all in the intention of the reading.

    If you don’t like divination, there are options for you as well. Let a Tarot adviser unlock information hidden in your unconscious or subconscious mind instead. This reading to don’t involve any external energies or entities. 

    Make sure you practice Tarot as it’s intended – as guidance and advice. In the end, you have the power to change the future, make your own decision, and know what is best for you. 

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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