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5 Tarot Spreads for Navigating Infertility

    If you’re navigating the challenging path of infertility, know you’re not alone. This journey is undoubtedly difficult and fraught with many emotional ups and downs.

    While medical advice and treatment are your primary sources of support, tarot can also provide spiritual guidance during this time.

    Today, we’ll explore five powerful tarot spreads that can offer insight and comfort as you traverse this difficult journey. These are my five favorite tarot spreads that gave me comfort when I was struggling with recurrent miscarriages and heartbreak.

    Before we begin, it’s important to remember that tarot should not replace medical advice but rather provide emotional and spiritual support. Always consult with healthcare professionals for medical advice and treatment options.


    Each tarot spread is designed to provide unique insights and guidance that can be especially supportive during your infertility journey. Click the tarot spread that you feel drawn to for quick reference.

    1. The Fertility Potential Spread is a great starting point, providing a snapshot of your current energy, potential challenges, and potential outcomes. It offers a broad overview of your journey, helping you understand the current dynamics.

    2. The Mind-Body-Spirit Spread goes deeper, offering a holistic view of your fertility journey. It acknowledges that your experience with infertility isn’t just physical but also involves your mental and spiritual aspects. This spread can guide you to achieve balance and harmony among all these dimensions.

    3. The Emotional Healing Spread is a compassionate tool for dealing with the emotional toll that infertility often brings. It helps you identify the root causes of your emotional pain and suggests a path to healing. It reminds you that your feelings are valid and emotional healing is crucial to your journey.

    4. The Hope Spread is designed to foster positivity and hope during your journey. Infertility can often feel overwhelming and hopeless; this spread is a beacon of light in those moments. It guides you to sources of hope and suggests ways to nurture optimism.

    5. The Strength Spread celebrates your inner strength and resilience. Dealing with infertility requires incredible strength, and this spread helps you recognize your existing strengths and suggests ways to harness them effectively.

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    Spread #1: The Fertility Potential Spread

    This three-card spread is a wonderful starting point for understanding the energies surrounding your fertility journey.

    • Card 1: Your Current Energy. This card represents your current emotional and mental state regarding your fertility journey.
    • Card 2: Potential Challenges. This card illuminates possible obstacles or issues you may face.
    • Card 3: Potential Outcome. This card reflects the possible outcome if you continue on your current path.

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    SPREAD #2: Mind-Body-Spirit

    Infertility can take a toll on your mental well-being. It is vital to prioritize how you feel, as stress and anxiety are known for their adverse effects on fertility.

    This tarot spread is perfect for those days when you feel depleted or sad. The spread offers insights into the different dimensions of your fertility journey.

    • Card 1: Your Mind. This card represents your thoughts and attitudes toward your fertility.
    • Card 2: Your Body. This card symbolizes your physical state and your relationship with your body.
    • Card 3: Your Spirit. This card reflects your spiritual perspective on your fertility journey.

    SPREAD #3: Emotional Healing

    As been on an infertility journey myself, I know dealing with infertility can be emotionally draining. This spread helps in identifying and healing emotional pain. This tarot spread is also comforting if you are dealing with acute stages of sorrow after a miscarriage or failed IVF.

    • Card 1: Current Emotional State. This card reflects your present emotional state.
    • Card 2: Sources of Pain. This card represents the root causes of your emotional pain.
    • Card 3: Path to Healing. This card suggests ways to heal and nurture your emotional well-being.

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    SPREAD #4: Hope

    This spread focuses on fostering hope and positivity during your journey. Hope is the glue that kept me together during my challenging journey of setbacks and heartache.

    • Card 1: Sources of Hope. This card identifies where you can find hope and positivity.
    • Card 2: How to Nurture Hope. This card suggests ways to cultivate and nurture hope during your journey.
    • Card 3: Outcome. This card reflects the potential impact of fostering hope on your fertility journey.

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    SPREAD #5: Strength

    This spread offers insights into your strengths and how you can harness them.

    • Card 1: Your Current Strengths. This card represents the strengths you already possess.
    • Card 2: Strengths to Cultivate. This card suggests strengths you might want to develop further.
    • Card 3: How to Use Your Strengths. This card guides how to utilize your strengths to support your fertility journey.
    • Card 4: Potential Outcome. This card offers a glimpse into the potential results of harnessing these strengths.

    final thoughts

    Embarking on a fertility journey can feel overwhelming and, at times, incredibly lonely. There are likely moments when you feel despair or uncertainty. However, always remember, you are not alone.

    Your strength, courage, and resilience shine brighter than you may realize, even in the face of such challenges.

    Each tarot spread offers a beacon of light during this challenging time, illuminating your path and helping you navigate your journey with increased insight and self-awareness. They remind you to honor your feelings, to care for your mind, body, and spirit, and to recognize and harness your inner strengths.

    Please remember that it’s okay to have days where hope feels distant. It’s okay to need time to heal, cry, and question.

    Please remember that it’s okay to have days where hope feels distant. It’s okay to need time to heal, to cry, to question.

    Sandra Törnroth

    But in those moments, remember to extend compassion and love toward yourself. You are dealing with a tremendous challenge and doing an incredible job.

    And most importantly, know that no matter the outcome, you are a being of immense worth and deserve all the love and joy in the world. I hope these spreads will provide comfort, empowerment, and a sense of companionship on your fertility journey.

    If you want me to read the cards for you, book a reading with me. I love to ask the cards for insights into your unique situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    If you want to join a supportive tarot reading Facebook community, join the Sage’s Lantern Tarot Society! Love to meet you!

    And when you finally reach your goal, you will find great tarot spreads covering pregnancy below.

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