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What Twin Flame Connections Are: Not What You Might Think

    You might have heard it several times in love readings, Twin Flames. But what is it? Knowing the difference between Soulmates and Twin Flame connections can be hard when new to Tarot and the spiritual.

    Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul, separated at the beginning of time and destined to reunite on a shared spiritual journey of growth, transformation, and profound connection. Twin flame relationships do not have to be romantic but can be chaotic and challenging.

    In this article, I will explain what a twin flame is and different can explore Twin Flame connections with the help of a tarot. Twin flame readings are truly amazing and effective ways to find true love that lasts through lifetimes. Let’s dive in!

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    What a twin flame is

    The World is a card that, in some cases, indicates Twin Flames in the unity stage. They have finally united, and the confusion, challenges, and battle is over.

    A Twin Flame is not what you might think at first. Many believe it is the ultimate love, the one person that will make you complete and in peace. In reality, it can be the opposite. It can be the onset of challenges, fights, and soul work that takes a toll. Let me explain further.

    A Twin Flame is a spiritual concept referring to an intense and profound connection between two individuals.

    It is believed that Twin Flames are two halves of the same soul, separated at the beginning of time and destined to reunite to embark on a shared spiritual journey of growth, transformation, and profound connection (not necessarily love).

    The souls share the same soul core frequency and are guided by what many believe is the Oversoul. You can learn more about the Oversoul in The Alchemist video on Youtube. The Oversoul is where we gain most of our spiritual messages and is in connection and part of the collective consciousness.

    Twin Flames are thought to be drawn to each other through lifetimes and existences. The belief is that, in most cases, the Twin Flames do not meet in the same existence.

    In rare circumstances, they do coexist in the same realm, though. What causes this? I have not found any real answer to it. It is more common nowadays for this to happen; I believe that it might be due to karmic shifts and the overall frequency of the world.

    Unlike soulmates or romantic partners, the connection between Twin Flames goes beyond earthly bonds. It is a deep and spiritual union that transcends physicality and resonates on a soul level.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Unlike soulmates or romantic partners, the connection between Twin Flames goes beyond earthly bonds. It is a deep and spiritual union that transcends physicality and resonates on a soul level.

    Twin Flames mirror each other’s strengths and weaknesses, challenging one another to grow, heal, and evolve spiritually.

    The relationship between Twin Flames is often characterized by an intense magnetism and an undeniable sense of familiarity, even upon first meeting.

    They may experience a deep recognition as if they have known each other for eternity. You might have heard of, or experienced yourself, the instant connection you get with your child at birth. This is similar to the experience you get when you are reunited with your twin flame. You might feel a bond that can’t be broken.

    Signs of a Twin Flame

    The Tower might sometimes represent meeting your Twin Flame as it tends to change the world you knew in a drastic and challenging way. Nothing is as things were before.

    Many wonder what the signs of a Twin Flame connection are. Below you will find the most common traits of a Twin Flame relationship. As I never experienced a Twin Flame connection myself, the list is compiled with examples I have gathered from friends, resources, and training.

    You don’t have to experience these examples; every connection is unique. See this list as a guideline and help to figure things out.

    • Instant attraction
    • Magnetic pull
    • It feels like you have known each other forever
    • You drive each other crazy, mad, and often emotional (explosive relationship)
    • You can’t be with and without each other (very conflicting feelings about the relationship)
    • You challenge each other in a way that makes both of you grow as individuals
    • Dejavu’s experiences involving the other
    • No need for small talk; you can be quiet without it feeling awkward
    • You instantly and instinctively know how the other one feels
    • It can be a very unconventional relationship in the eyes of society
    • Forcing yourself to evolve spiritually even when drained
    • You dream about each other, sometimes shared dreams (where you interact in the dream)
    • You would risk your life for the other one
    • You feel at home when they are near – or the opposite that you are in a hostile zone
    • You know the other one’s strengths and weaknesses and sometimes take advantage of this knowledge.
    • Unable to leave or end the relationship even in the worst of times
    • You feel like you are looking at yourself in the mirror (soul mirror)
    • The connection is super intense
    • Your life will never be the same after meeting your Twin Flame (things change big time very fast)
    • Your connection is bound to the life mission in this incarnation
    • The relationship can be constructive or destructive but seldom harmonious

    If you are interested in more in-depth information about Twin Flame characteristics, I found this video by Christina Lopes on YouTube.

    With all this said, you should never stay in a destructive relationship using the argument that it is your “Twin Flame.”

    If you are in a destructive relationship that you can’t leave for any reason, please consult a professional for further assistance and support. There is no scientific evidence that Twin Flames exist; we have solid proof of destructive relationships. Always stay safe, and remember you deserve to be happy.

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    Twin flames and romance

    The purpose of a Twin Flame connection is not solely focused on romance or personal happiness but rather on spiritual growth, karmic shifts, and collective consciousness. This means a twin flame doesn’t have to be a romantic partner. It can be a friend but also a foe.

    The purpose of a Twin Flame connection is not solely focused on romance or personal happiness but rather on spiritual growth and collective consciousness.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Twin Flames unite to catalyze each other’s spiritual evolution, pushing one another to shed old patterns, embrace their authenticity, and align with their higher purpose.

    The difference between Soulmates and Twin Flames

    There is a difference between Twin Flames and Soulmates. Twin Flames go much more intense than Soulmates ever will.

    Soulmates are often romantic, while Twin Flames don’t have to be. The purpose of your life mission is key to Twin Flames, not romance and companionship.

    Twin flames and tensions

    It is important to note that the journey of Twin Flames might not be smooth or easy. Challenges and obstacles may arise, including emotional turbulence, conflicting energies, and periods of separation and agony being apart.

    Conflicts are widespread in the early stages of a Twin Flame connection as you are challenged with seeing all of your weaknesses (and strengths).

    These experiences are part of the transformative process to facilitate individual and collective growth. The connection aims not to find “peace” but to grow and heal so the souls can unite.

    Ultimately, the union of Twin Flames is a sacred and transformative bond that transcends conventional relationships.

    Twin Flame connection is a spiritual partnership that aims to awaken and expand consciousness and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.

    Twin Flames and Tarot

    Tarot, with its rich symbolism and profound insights, is a valuable tool for exploring and understanding the dynamics of Twin Flames.

    As Twin Flame connections can be very challenging, Tarot can be a helpful tool to work through the tensions and feelings arising when meeting your Twin Flame.

    Below you find different ways to use Tarot to work with Twin Flame energies and situations.

    1. Symbolic Representation: Tarot cards depict archetypal images and symbols that resonate with the deep spiritual connection between Twin Flames. The cards provide a visual language through which the complexities and nuances of this divine union can be understood and interpreted.
    2. Guidance and Clarity: Tarot readings offer advice and clarity regarding the Twin Flame journey. They can shed light on the current state of the connection, the lessons to be learned, and the potential challenges or opportunities that lie ahead. Tarot helps navigate the complexities of the relationship, offering insights into the Twin Flame dynamic’s emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects. For a Twin Flame connection to unite, both souls must be whole.
    3. Mirror Reflection: Twin Flames often mirror each other’s experiences, emotions, and growth. Tarot cards can act as mirrors, reflecting the shared journey and highlighting growth, healing, and transformation areas for each individual. The cards reveal patterns, triggers, and lessons Twin Flames encounter on their path, assisting in their personal and joint evolution.
    4. Synchronicity and Divine Guidance: Twin Flame connections are often accompanied by synchronicities and signs from the Universe. Tarot can serve as a channel for divine guidance, offering messages and interpretations that align with the unique circumstances of the Twin Flame journey. The cards can validate and reinforce the signs and synchronicities experienced by Twin Flames, providing a deeper understanding of their significance.
    5. Spiritual Development: Tarot can aid in the spiritual development of Twin Flames individually and as a couple. The cards provide insights into personal growth, self-discovery, and the integration of energies within each partner. Tarot readings can assist in aligning with higher spiritual truths, expanding consciousness, and deepening the connection between Twin Flames.

    It is important to approach Tarot as a self-reflection, guidance, and empowerment tool. While it can provide valuable insights into the Twin Flame journey, it is ultimately the individuals’ responsibility to navigate their connection with love, compassion, and self-awareness.

    Tarot is a supportive companion on this profound spiritual path, facilitating understanding, healing, and fulfilling their divine purpose.

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    Final thoughts

    There are different views and takes on the Twin Flame connection. Some believe they exist, while others say it is just made up.

    I have difficulty deciding about Twin Flames, as I have never experienced one. It feels somewhat scary and not as romanticized as many let it be. You can’t escape the relationship even if you want or need to. You are spiritually bonded to each other, no matter the costs.

    The Devil is a card that resonates with a Twin Flame connection.

    The tarot card that comes to mind is the Devil. Just look at the chains and the flames! You are addicted to each other and can’t escape. You can’t go at your own spiritual pace but must evolve beyond your limits, sometimes inflicting great pain.

    With this said, you should not fear the concept of Twin Flames; I believe that the Universe won’t throw energies at you that you can’t handle. There might be a higher reason for speeding up your karmic healing.

    I also met people who said they found their Twin Flame and worked through the storms to find calmer waters. When the initial battle was fought, there was a way to coexist that resembled some peace (peace in the sense of our realm).

    If you need help sorting out feelings or energies surrounding Twin Flames, I love looking in my cards and gaining insights into the situation. You find more information about my readings here.

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    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric