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What A Tarot Box Is

    What is that mysterious tarot box people are talking about? You see them in online shops and New Age stores, but what are they for? Are they just pretty accessories, or do they have an essential function to fill?

    A tarot box is a storage container for a tarot deck. It’s used to protect the deck from wear and tear, residual and external energies, and storage in between readings. It’s often made of wood with beautiful ornaments and enhances the reading area. Other materials are leather, tin, or fabric.

    Tarot boxes are mainly used for storage, but they also protect your deck from external energies. They also help you to keep your deck intact; it’s easy to lose a card if you drop the deck on the floor or alike. It’s multifunctional and often also very beautiful.


    A Tarot box is used as storage for your tarot deck in between readings. Some tarot decks come with a box, some without. The boxes are often stunning and also work as a decoration for your reading area. 

    The size of a tarot box varies as they are made to fit different sizes of cards. Even if there are examples of tarot boxes intended for several decks, this is not common.

    As a Tarot box is intended to protect the deck against surrounding energies in between readings, it might not be the best idea to store them together. The decks will transfer energies within the box and take away the benefit of using it in the first place. 

    The tarot box can be made of many kinds of materials; wood, resin, tin, leather, synthetic fabrics, or plastic. I have seen boxes made of stone as well. So there is a neverending variation of materials to choose from. No material is better than another; it’s really up to you what you prefer. Wood is the most common material, but paper and metal are seen often too.


    Back in the days, when tarot cards were hand-painted and very expensive, they stored them in beautiful shrines. The decks were not mass-produced as they (often) are today. This is the echo of exclusivity we see today in modern tarot boxes. The cards have a “divine” status and special status.

    The feeling of the reading area and the connection with the tarot cards are, in most cases, sacred and special. You want to treat your cards with the respect they deserve. Even if you don’t think your cards hold any supernatural powers or use them for divinity  – you want to treat them as treasured items as they guide you in life.

    I see my cards as my best friends, and I cherish them very much. I use my tarot box for the deck that I’m working with daily, for my client readings, and such.

    My tarot box was a gift from a friend. It’s not a dedicated tarot box but was created as a keepsake box. It’s made of wood with beautiful carvings. I place my box and my cards on my reading table. It’s an exceptional item to me. 

    My tarot box made of wood with beautiful carvings and decorations.
    My tarot box made of wood with beautiful carvings and decorations.

    If you want a tarot bow yourself, they have very affordable yet beautiful tarot boxes on Etsy and Amazon. Below you find a lovely tarot box that resembles my tarot box.  Of course, there are many types and styles of tarot boxes. There is one for every taste. 

    Be sure to check the size before ordering a box online. Make sure your favorite cards fit the box. I recommend that there is extra room for crystals or cleansing items as well. You can always place your crystals on top of the box, but I love putting them inside the box as well. The link below is an affiliate link and takes you to Amazon.



    A tarot box is both a practical and spiritual item. It’s useful because it is the perfect storage. It’s sturdy and will protect your cards from wear and tear and keep them in place. The box is also a stunning item that enhances any reading space. 

    A tarot box also holds spiritual properties. It helps you keep your cards away from external energies and makes you connect with your cards on a deeper level. The sheer practice of storing your card in a beautiful box sets them apart from other items in your home. You treasure them, and a designated box will help you treat your cards with the dignity they deserve. 

    One remarkable property of tarot boxes is that they will prevent other people from touching them. If they lay open around the house, it’s easy for someone to pick them up. If they are stored in a box, they will more likely let them be. When other people touch the cards, they transfer a bit of their energy onto the cards.

    They are also protected while traveling. You can use your box to keep the energy of your reading area with you as you travel. It will be undisturbed inside the box. This is one great benefit according to me, as I do readings in other places than my home.

    Storing your cards in a box has many benefits. I highly recommend it for anyone that is sensitive to external energies or finds that you need to cleanse your cards often. 

    my tarot cards in my box in between readings to protect them from external energies
    I store my tarot cards in my box in between readings to protect them from external energies.


    How to cleanse your tarot cards for beginners


    There are different kinds of tarot boxes. To find out what tarot box material was the most common one, I researched Amazon. I used the “average customer review” filter and collected the data from the first 50 items. In this way, we’ll find out what the top boxes are made of and what type they are. I excluded search results that were not suitable boxes for tarot decks. On Amazon, people use keywords that are not correct at times.   

    The winner by far was wood.  62% of all the tarot boxes were made of wood, and most of them had beautiful carvings on them. The price range was large. Some of them cost 11 USD, and the most expensive ones were up to 250 USD. The middle range was about 18-25 EUR, though. 

    The runner-up was leather. 12% of the favorite boxes were made of leather, and most of them had some print on them. These were slimmer and were not intended as “decorative” items, and were more practical. This kind of box is perfect if you travel a lot or do readings outside of the home. 

    The other materials were not as popular, but I noticed they had a very different style overall. The tin and resin boxes were very decorative. They were intended as decorations for a reading area. These are not that practical to take with you on travels or reading outside the home.

    One thing to note is that many decks come with a tarot box. I use these and only use one “special” tarot box for my reading table. I don’t buy one carved box for every deck.

    Syntetic fabric510,00%
    The tarot box for the Wild Unknown deck.
    The tarot box for the Wild Unknown deck.


    There are two main styles of tarot boxes. The most common is the decorative box. You place the box in a sacred area for tarot readings. The other type is storage boxes that you bring on trips or travels. These are perfect for readers that go to their clients.

    1. Decorative box (decor + practical use)
    2. Storage box (for travel)

    You can use a decorative box for travel as well; it’s just not that practical as they are often a bit more ornamented and delicate than a storage box. They are both great; they are just used for different purposes. 


    Decorative tarot boxes have different styles, of course. I bet you can find one that you love. These are different types I found on Amazon. I selected them as they have different vibes to them. Use these examples as inspiration. Be sure to check that the size of the box is suitable for your deck. Some decks are larger and some smaller than “standard cards.” The links are affiliate links and go to Amazon.



    Storage tarot boxes are not as “fancy” as decorative ones. They have a different purpose and don’t need all the carvings and “fluff.” Use the types below as inspiration. Remember to check the size of your deck before ordering. Some decks are larger or smaller than “standard cards.”

    The price range is between 10 USD up to 90 USD. The mid-range is about 15 USD. Of course, the price varies as styles are so different. Go with your heart and needs when you decide on what tarot box is best for you.

    The links are affiliate and go to Amazon.


    As you see, there are a wide array of different tarot boxes to choose from. From utterly stunning pieces of art, to very practical and sleek. 


    There are lots of different kinds of tarot boxes available. You have to answer whether you want to use it as decorations for your reading area or as practical storage for readings outside the home.

    I love my tarot box as it enhances my reading experience and helps me eliminate disturbing energies in between readings. 

    There are options to boxes; some use the box the cards came with, tarot cloths, or scarves. 

    Nothing is wrong or right, better or worse. You go with your gut feeling, preferences, and likes. As always, you do you!

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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