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What A Psychic Tarot Reading Is

    You try to make sense of it all. What is the difference between a psychic tarot reading and a Tarot reading? There are a ton of different types of Tarot readings nowadays. As a beginner, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. But don’t worry, it’s kind of straightforward.

    A psychic tarot reading is a tarot reading performed by a psychic medium. The medium uses the Tarot cards as a tool to gain psychic insights. A psychic can, for example, see what is going to happen in the future or communicate with spirits, energies, or entities.

    A person can only do a psychic tarot reading if they are a medium. Intuitive readings, on the other hand, can be performed by anyone. We are all born with intuitive skills (your gut feeling). Some have a more developed intuition than others. Not all are taken mediums, though. 


    A psychic Tarot reading is where a person with psychic abilities uses Tarot cards in their practice. Mediums are not restricted to Tarot cards, but some use them. A psychic medium has the gift of receiving messages from the spirit or afterworld.


    A psychic medium can gain insights into a situation and bring information not disclosed in the card meanings or intuition. With this said, psychic Tarot readings are not better than intuitive readings – they are just another kind of reading.

    A psychic Tarot reader will scan the cards, you, and the Ether. Some hear voices; some see things; some can do automatic writing. The list goes on and on. There are as many types and styles of mediums as there are practitioners.

    The gift can’t be controlled but managed and isn’t something you can “learn.” You have it or not have it. You can learn to listen to it though, that’s a whole other article.

    A psychic tarot reading is used to seek insights from deceased entities or spirits. This kind of reading does not focus as much on your spiritual world. It focuses on energies in the Ether and what they might bring to the table to help or advise you.

    Psychic insight + Tarot cards + Intuition = Psychic Tarot reading

    Tarot cards


    Now when we know what psychic tarot readings are, let’s look at intuitive tarot readings. As a beginner, it might be hard to understand the difference between the two. Adding confusion in the usage of the terms makes it even harder to grasp.

    Let’s start by investigating what intuition is. Intuition is the “gut feeling” we all have. It’s a part of human nature, and it helps us make decisions in life. We’re not robots that rely solely on logic and rationality; our feelings and intuition are also a part of the mix. This is a vast “issue” when it comes to robotic learning, by the way. It’s hard to add this magic spice to a computer chip.

    As we go through life, we experience things – 24/7. Some experiences get stored in our conscious mind, some in the sub- or unconscious mind. It’s through intuition we can access this information. We “know” or “feel” things. If everything we learned in life was stored in our conscious mind, we would crash – syntax error due to overflow.

    In school, we learn to rely mostly on our rational mind – we sometimes lose connection with our intuition. Science is based on rationality and logic – the opposite of religion and spirituality. This is why some people have more and some less. You can always reconnect, though, with practice and willpower. 

    Psychic insights are information that differs a lot from intuition. Psychic insights aren’t information stored in our sub- or unconscious mind. Psychic messages are new information added from an external entity, energy, spirit, or alike. 


    What is intuitive Tarot?

    An intuitive Tarot reading relies on information stored in the reader and the seeker. Without knowing it, we read situations through body language, tone of voice, context, choice of words, and so on. But no external energies are connecting with the reader, as there are in psychic readings. The psychic could receive the message without any cards if needed. 

    Card meaning + Intuition = Intuative Tarot reading (internal information added)

    Psychic Insight + Tarot cards + Intuition = Psychic Tarot reading (external information added)


    Depending on your question and need, you benefit from choosing a reading that fits the situation. A professional tarot reader will help you decide on this. But if you need to make that decision on your own, this is my recommendation.


    My best bet is a psychic tarot reading if you need answers from the spirit or afterworld. In these readings, you will be able to receive messages directly from the source.

    For example, if you need to connect with a friend who passed away, a psychic medium will try to connect your friend. If they succeed, they will forward the message to you. 

    If you have questions about what will happen in the future, like fortune-telling, the same applies. The best bet is to use a person with psychic insights.

    For example, if you want to know what your future husband looks like, psychic tarot reading is the best alternative for you. This is not possible to answer with an intuitive tarot reading. The same goes for timeline queries. Like when you are going to meet the love of your life. You get the point. 

    Types of queries perfect for psychic tarot readings:

    • Messages from the deceased or the spirit world
    • Timeline questions, like when something is going to happen
    • What the future might hold


    On the other hand, if you wish to find answers hidden in your subconscious or unconscious mind, tarot reading is the way to go. In these readings, the reader unlocks the door to your mind and can help you find your way.

    If you have a hard time deciding on what path to choose, you are at a crossroads; this might be the perfect reading for you. The answers do not lie outside yourself.

    If you want insights into what you can do to change a situation by your actions, then an intuitive tarot reading is my best bet. As you are working with your energies, you can change the future outcome by your actions.

    For example, you want to change your career. With the help of an intuitive tarot reading, you can get answers on available options for you. Not what the result will be.

    Types of queries perfect for intuitive tarot readings:

    • Decision-making
    • Self-discovery and growth
    • Unlocking hidden options or paths
    • What to do to change a situation

    I use intuitive readings more as they are not “locked.” I have the opportunity to change the future in a way that is not possible with psychic tarot readings where the end of the movie is presented. 

    But as I said earlier, no reading style is better than another. They are just different. Depending on what answers you need, you can choose the best suits you and your unique situation. 

    I practice both intuitive and psychic readings. But I have found that the intuitive readings help my clients the most. They regain control of their lives and can make active decisions. I love the way that intuitive reading empowers and helps to build self-esteem. 

    I use psychic reading in special situations where no other way is possible. But this is my personal opinion and not a rule of any sort. 



    There is confusion and sometimes a heated debate in the Tarot community regarding the definitions of the difference between intuitive tarot readings and psychic tarot readings. Some say there is no difference; some say there is. In this article, I have tried to define the terms in such an objective way as possible.

    At first glance, the terms intuition and psychic medium are the same. But when digging deeper, there is a vast difference. A medium receives messages from external sources while intuitive readers from energies at play.

    As always, the Tarot isn’t a religion or follows any set dogma. This is a beautiful thing about card reading. Nothing is right; nothing is wrong. We all do it in our unique way. This freedom, on the other side, sometimes turns readers against each other. There seems to be a need for being “right.” When in reality, there is no such thing when it comes to the Tarot and spirituality. Nothing is black or white; it’s gray. 

    As a seeker, this confusion of terms might lead to a reading not optimized for their situation. In the end, the seeker will not get the answers needed. In turn, the seeker might not endorse the reader to others. Both the seeker and the client suffer. 


    When asking the question “What is the difference between a psychic tarot reading and a tarot reading” in a community for professional readers, I started a heated debate. In 24 hours, it got 140 replies. 

    There are three blocks as I see it. One says intuitive readings are the same as psychic, another says there are differences, and a third is confused by the terminology and unsure.

    One answer to what triggered this heated debate was the divide between seeing the Tarot as fortune-telling and a self-developing tool. So it is rooted in the essence of the Tarot and, therefore, a “sensitive” matter.

    Another interesting finding was that this confusion of terminology was based on a resistance to using the word “psychic.” The term was out of fashion and had negative connotations. I think this is a very plausible explanation.

    As I said before, there are no definite truths or dogma when it comes to the Tarot. You have the freedom to label your reading what you think is best. No reading style is better; they are just different and give different answers. 

    As for me, I have psychic abilities but seldom use them in my tarot practice. For me, they are two different things. When I get psychic insights during a tarot reading, it’s not the cards or my intuition delivering them. It is me and me alone. 



    Psychic tarot readings bring information to the table that an intuitive reading can’t. The downside is, though, it often locks in the future. It seldom gives directions on how to change a current situation. Psychic readings have their strengths but also weaknesses. Like everything in life, there are always two sides to the coin. 

    One important thing is that no style is better than another. Depending on the situation and need, one might be better suited than another. 

    The two are equally important and have their place in the world of the Tarot. I’m lucky to have one foot in both. But I would not feel less “valuable” as a reader without my psychic abilities. Intuition is powerful and often more helpful for a seeker. With intuitive readings, I can help seekers find their path and make actionable decisions of their own. I think that is so powerful and empowering.

    Being sure what reading you need can sometimes be challenging. A professional reader will help you and give you advice with your best at heart. You should never be afraid of asking questions before reading. Make sure you are getting the most suitable reading for your unique situation.

    Sometimes it takes time knowing what kind of reader you are. Don’t strain it; just let it be until you know. Often though, if you have psychic abilities, you know this. When you get your first baby, it’s like the burning question – how will I know the labor has started? When it starts, you know. Sorry, I don’t have a great example if you are male or don’t have kids.

    Now, let’s enjoy the remarkable diversity of the Tarot. There’s a style that fits everyone and every question. 

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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