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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning: Upright And Reversed

    The Magician is the essence of life itself; he connects the spiritual and the material world. He is the flow between the wisdom of the Ether and Earthly realm. He represents the card that unites the divine knowledge and the laws of nature – religion, and science.

    The Magician represents manifestation and divine creation itself, connecting the Spiritual and the tangible realm. Its reversal indicates low self-esteem, imposter syndrome, or untapped skills. 

    The Magician is tarot card number 1 in the Major Arcana sequence. He represents the beginning and is connected with the Fool, the spark of creation itself. Learn everything you need to know about the most magical tarot deck card – the card of creation.


    Upright: Manifestation, ability, creation, invention, life, willpower, psychic powers.

    Reversed: Lack of resources, inaction, manipulation, self-doubt, scattered mind, powerless, imposter syndrome.

    Quote: “As above, so it is below. That which has been will return. As in heaven, so on earth.”


    The image shows a magician pointing to the Ether and the Earth, visualizing the connection between the spiritual and the material world. The card indicates psychic powers or skills. 

    In one hand, he holds a wand – a symbol of magic. The Magician is a card of transformation, metamorphosis, and manifestation. This is the essence of magic and life itself. We are all made of the four Suits – passion (wands), material (pentagram), intellect (sword), and emotions (cups). We can use all our assets to manifest a dream or idea. 

    On the table in front of the Magician, you find all the Suits of the Tarot. You have everything at your disposal. He looks straight at you; he is here in the present. You have it right now; you don’t need to look further. 

    The card is intense energy and grounded in the present.

    • Number: 1
    • Element: Air
    • Astrology: Mercurius
    •  Yes or No: Yes
    • Supporting crystal: Amethyst


    The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Upright And Reversed


    The Magician is the glue that connects the spiritual and earthly realm. Without the Magician, your soul and spirit can never be complete. Either you be a robot or a spirit. The Magician is the essence of everything living, and the Fool is the spark of creation. 

    You can compare the Fool as the igniter and the Magician as the creation. The two cards are interconnected in many ways. When you get the Magician, you know, you are about to manifest an idea.

    The Magician is a sign you got everything you need at your disposal and journey. You might not yet materialize it all, but it is there – inherited and divine knowledge, passion and emotions, your body, and intellect. 

    When you get the Magician, it is time to act on your dream or idea. He looks straight at you, which is a sign of the present. This is a very intense card. Many energies are flowing at the moment – all the energies of the suits. 

    The best cause of action is to stop doubting your capabilities. You have everything you need for your journey. You are connected with the Ether as well as the Earth. You got divine knowledge and rationality.

    It is now, don’t wait. Don’t let this flow of energy go to waste. But be cautious, though, that you don’t go too crazy and reckless. Be sure to balance your passion and ideas. Be sure to anchor yourself in both worlds, not just one.


    When you get the Magician in a love reading, it indicates you have everything you need in your relationship. You got the spiritual connection and passion. Your relationship is charged with energy, and you are about to materialize a dream; maybe you are about to move together or even marry. Something is about to manifest – this is a great sign! 

    If you are not yet in a relationship, this is an excellent sign someone will cross your path soon. This is not “anyone,” but someone that will be able to give you everything you need. Look at the table in front of the Magician. It is filled with passion (wands), emotion (cups), connection (swords), and a home (pentacles). Don’t let this chance slip through your hands. 

    The best cause of action when getting the Magician in a love reading is to get ready for the next step in your relationship. Something is about to materialize – a new home, a baby, marriage… you name it. Something that you have longed for might be coming soon. 

    Be sure, though, not to be swept away in the card’s energy. Don’t jump into something you are not ready for just because it is offered to you.


    When you get the Magician in your spread, you know a business idea or dream is about to manifest. You have everything you need at your disposal, and the energy is intense. 

    The Magician is an indicator that a new opportunity is around the corner. Act fast or risk losing out on a great deal.

    If you are low on cash, this is an indicator things will get better. Be sure to use all your talents; you got what it takes to change things around. Maybe it is time to start a new business or ask for a raise at work. Use your smarts, gut feeling, and excellent results as leverage.

    The best cause of action is to open your eyes and heart to new possibilities. Maybe it is time to start a new project business or ask for a raise. Use all your talents to make it happen – the energy is working for you right now! I have limiting beliefs you can manifest your dreams; it is time to let that feeling go. You are capable of magical things.


    When you get the Magician, it is an excellent sign you will get a new opportunity soon. Ask for a raise, apply for a new position, take on a new project – you are ready to manifest incredible things. 

    The Magician is all about manifesting your dreams, so this is a great card to get if you are on a job hunt. Be alert, check openings, and use your connections and network.

    If you have been filled with self-doubt, it is time to realize you have everything you need at your disposal. You are capable of great things; look at the table in front of the Magician. You have to use your tools and let the magic happen.

    The best cause of action is to keep your eyes open for new opportunities. Work all the assets you have at hand. Don’t shy away from networking! But as always, don’t jump on a unique opportunity because it is offered to you. Always keep your feet on the ground.



    When you get the Magician in its negative polarity, you need to stop and assess the situation. Maybe you are missing an opportunity? There is a significant risk that something is slipping through your hands.

    The Magician, in its reversal, might also indicate that you have self-doubt. Rest assured, you got this! You can do it! Even if you don’t feel you have the tools you need, are good enough, or just afraid of change – you are up for it. Don’t allow self-sabotage to hold you back. 

    The best cause of action when getting the Magician reversed is to allow yourself to succeed. You are worth it, and you have everything you need to succeed. Go and throw the self-doubt in the dumpster.


    When the reversed Magician appears in a love reading, it is time to stop and open your eyes. Are you missing out on love? Maybe you are too afraid of giving love a chance?

    If you are in a relationship, you might be afraid of laying the cards on the table. Maybe your partner doesn’t know your inner passions, goals, and ambitions. Don’t let your lack of communication put out the spark.

    When the Magician turns up in its reversal, it might also indicate that someone is manipulating you. Be sure to listen to your intuition.

    When getting the Magician reversed, the best cause of action is to stop and make sure you are not missing out on love. Don’t let the chance of love slip away! If you are in a relationship, be open with your desires and dreams. You can’t manifest your vision if you don’t communicate it. Be on your guard for master-manipulators. Trust your intuition.


    The Magician reversed indicates you might be missing out on a profitable opportunity. Someone or something might also manipulate you negatively. Using all your skill sets might open new doors and new income streams. Be sure not to let your self-doubt stand in your way. You deserve the best in life, be sure you are not self-sabotaging.

    If you feel like you are not good enough to get a raise or switch to a better-paid position, it is time to hit the breaks. You are! Of course, as always, check in with your gut feeling. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Be sure to look out for manipulators or frauds. The Magician reversed signifies that a dishonest person might lurk in the shadows or broad daylight. 

    The best cause of action when getting the Magician in its negative polarity is to boost your self-esteem and stay alert. Don’t let anyone fool you into a bad deal.

    You have everything you need to manifest your dreams – don’t let your self-esteem or frauds hinder you from all the great things in life. You deserve it! 


    When the Magician appears reversed in a career reading, it is time to let go of the imposter syndrome! You have everything you need to succeed. You got a vast array of skillsets working for you and a spiritual depth that delivers in-tune intuition and guidance. In its negative polarity, the card shows you might have limited beliefs in your capability. Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back. 

    When getting the Magician reversed, the best cause of action is to assess if you are holding yourself back due to low self-esteem or imposter syndrome. You have everything to make your project or career successful. 


    The Magician is the card of manifestation and connection between the Ether and the Earthly realm. As humans, we stand with one foot in the spiritual and one in the tangible world. We are complex creatures that need our Spirit and mind to work in harmony. With the help of inherited wisdom and Spirit, magic, we can create material things on Earth with our Body. The Body is the vessel in which the Spirit travels. 

    The Magician symbolizes creation. Without the divine spark of Spirit, nothing will ever materialize. Without the Body, nothing will ever manifest. Even our intellect is a product of our Body, the brain.


    What reversals are and how to read them. 


    If you want to tap into the Magician’s energy, this spread targets the process of manifestation. If you want your dream to become a reality, the Magician is the perfect card. 

    Start by shuffling the cards. Set a clear intent by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Open your heart to receive any message you might need to hear. When you feel ready, place the cards in front of you. Don’t force the message. Trust the magic of your inherited wisdom to come through. Let your rational mind rest for a little while.


    1. What is holding me back?
    2. What can I do to manifest my dream/goal/ambition/X?
    3. What can I do to trust I have everything I need to succeed?


    It is a great idea to meditate on the Magician card when you want to manifest your dreams or goals. If you feel blocked and stuck, the Magician might have the answer to your problems. In many cases, a lack of trust in your abilities is the root cause of things not going your way. 

    If you have reached a milestone or accomplished something you are very proud of, celebrating the Magician’s energy is also a great thing to do. Learn how to access the power of the Magician by recognizing its vibrations. When you can do this, you can tap the energy whenever needed. This is a super-power in itself.

    1. Hold the Magicians’ card in your hand while sitting comfortably.
    2. Gaze at the card and the details. Try to figure out what all the symbols mean (to you!).
    3. Let the card imprint itself for a minute or two.
    4. Close your eyes and imagine you are the Magician.
    5. What do you see?
    6. Where are you?
    7. Try to feel all the emotions attached to the card.
    8. When you think that you are ready, slowly open your eyes again. 
    9. Take some time in solitude and reflect on your new insights. 

    It is always a great idea to journal your experiences. It is not uncommon to have profound emotional experiences when meditating on cards. Please don’t stop the emotions; let them flow freely. They need to surface. Crying or feeling a bit low is not uncommon when meditating on the Magician. The blockage is emerging – the energy holding you back is often low self-esteem. Recognize it and let it go. It doesn’t serve you anymore.

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