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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning: Upright And Reversed

    The Fool is the beginning of everything, starting a new cycle and era. You are stepping into the new adventure brave and steadfast. When you draw this magical card, you know you are about to take the jump into the unknown.

    The Fool represents a new beginning and a “happy-go-lucky” approach to life. The card indicates that you are at the beginning of something unexplored. It’s a card of adventure, exploration, and youthful energy. Beware of the shadow side, though. Don’t be too careless or reckless.

    The Fool is the most powerful card in the Major Arcana. He is everything, yet nothing at once. The magical “number” zero gives this card magical powers. This article teaches you everything you need to know about the Fool.


    Upright: New beginning, happy go lucky, spontaneous, carefree

    Reversed: Recklessness, fear of change, overthinking

    Quote: “Seize the Day”, “Happy go Lucky”


    A young man, with his head, turn to the sky, is about to step off a cliff. To the right is a white dog alarming him of the danger. In the background, you notice rocky mountains. You see the sun shining in the top right corner of the card. The sky is yellow and calm—no clouds in the sky. 

    The card’s energy is positive, young, but with an undertone of danger. 

    • Number: 0
    • Element: Air
    • Astrology: Uranus
    •  Yes or No: Yes
    • Supporting crystal: Aventurine, Citrine




    The Fool is the tarot card of new beginnings and adventures. When you get the Fool, you know you are about to start a new cycle and that you have left an old one behind. You are eager to take on the world and have no worry or doubt in your mind. Now is the time to enjoy the excitement of a new path or experience. 

    You are not even afraid of the dire cliff. Your dog is alarming you, but you don’t listen. You might not be fully equipped for the journey ahead. Everything you own is stashed in your little knapsack. But you don’t care. 

    The Fool is the energy of a young person, taking on life with adventurousness and eagerness. Everything is possible; you have nothing to lose! But is this the case? 

    It’s easy to be jolly when you don’t have experience of the hardships that lie ahead. But on the flip side, who would ever embark on a new journey knowing all the downsides and difficulties? What we don’t know does not hurt us.

    The Fool is often a sign that you are beginning something that will become important in your life down the line. It’s you seize the day card. 

    When you get the Fool, the best cause of action is to let go of your inner worries and go with the flow. Let the joy of life and exploration be your guide. Trust that you have everything you need for now. As you encounter challenges on your path, you will find the tools you need to proceed. Be sure, though, not to be too adventurous so that you act foolishly. Always keep yourself grounded. 


    The Fool is a sign that you might head into a new relationship – a new beginning—an excellent sign someone is waiting around the corner if you are single. Keep your eyes open. When you find your partner, you will drop everything, and suddenly you find yourself in a whirlpool of love and emotions. 

    If you are in a relationship, the Fool might indicate that you might experience a reset and restart. 

    Beware though. The Fool has a backside as well. Be sure you ground yourself and try to think things through. The Fool has a way of blindfolding us for danger and recklessness. 

    The best cause of action is to be sure you are not jumping onto something new before thinking things through (at least a tiny bit). Especially if you are in a relationship, the grass might not always be greener on the other side. And sometimes, being alone is better than being in a relationship that is prone to fail.


    You are about to embark on a new spending spree. The Fool indicates that you will not think things through, and you will be prone to splurges and overspending. Be sure to think about how the purchases will impact your financial situation in the long run. Try to hold back if needed. 

    If you are a frugal person, this might be a sign to loosen up a bit. Allow yourself a treat or something just because you want it, not necessarily that you need it.


    The Fool indicates that you might be changing your career soon. Maybe you get a promotion, another position, or change careers. Something is about to change. The Fool is prone to recklessness, so evaluate the new job offer before accepting it. Will it suit you in the long run? Is it really what you want? 

    If you are cautious of nature, this might be a sign to loosen up and accept some risks. Maybe your need for control is holding you back?




    The Fool reversed indicates that you might be overthinking things. Overthinking things might hold you back, not allowing yourself to take risks. Life can become a bit dull if you never allow yourself to take risks. Playing it safe is significant, of course, but painting yourself into a corner will never help you gain new experiences or knowledge. 

    Maybe you are afraid of failing or losing your face. Remember, if you never fail, you will never succeed either.

    The Fool might be indicating that it is time to loosen up and have fun. Remember, the Fool has the energy of a young adult or teen. You don’t have to go all-in, but you can work on letting go of the control in some areas. 

    The best cause of action when getting the Fool reversed is to loosen your self-control. Don’t let self-doubt and fear hold you back from trying something new. Seize the day!


    When the reversed Fool appears in a love reading, it is time to hit the breaks. If you are throwing yourself into a relationship without thinking it through (a tiny bit, at least), it is time to pause and assess the situation. If everything seems OK, congratulations, enjoy the whirlpool of love with all your heart. If you notice some shady stuff, maybe you need to slow things down.

    If you are holding back, not daring to allow love in – it is time to go full throttle. You have to loosen up and live a little. You can’t be sure of anything when it comes to love. You can’t control it. Don’t let the chance of true love pass you by out of fear. 

    The best cause of action getting the Fool reversed is to pause and assess the situation. If everything seems fine, go ahead and lose yourself in love. If you notice something shady, wait and think things through. If you are afraid of love, the Fool shows you that you need to loosen up and go with the flow. 


    The Fool reversed might indicate that you are trying to control things too much. Maybe it is time to reassess the business plan or your budget. Do you allow yourself some slack to indulge in something you love or want? Not everything in life should be about necessities. 

    On the other hand, if you are too reckless with money, – hit the breaks! The Fool is here to tell you that you need to act more adult and not let your heart and flow get the best of you. Rationality is vital for a stable economy. 

    The best cause of action if getting the Fool in reversed is to check for reckless behavior. Are you going too wild on the purchases? On the other hand, if you are too controlled and never allow yourself any fun, it is time to loosen up a bit.


    When the Fool appears reversed in a career reading, be sure to hit the pause button. Are you holding yourself back out of fear of failure? Or are you acting recklessly and immaturely? The energy of the Fool is high, think of a teen or young adult. Are you acting this way right now – taking chances you shouldn’t take? 

    On the flip side, if you are holding back out of fear of failure now is the time to take a chance. Grab the new opportunity that is presented in front of you! 

    The best cause of action when getting the Fool reversed is to assess whether you are holding yourself back out of self-control or doubt, or acting too recklessly. 


    The Fool represents the young adult in us – the energy of exploration and adventure. The Fool sometimes makes us get into trouble, and sometimes he is what we need to proceed. 

    The magical “number” zero sets the Fool apart from the other tarot cards. The Fool is the beginning of everything; nothing starts or gets created without him. He is the spark that ignites new cycles of experiences. With him, the adventures and experiences of Major Arcana start. 

    The Fool can be our pitfall and savior. Be sure to assess the situation carefully when getting the Fool in your spread. He is dark, and he is light, sometimes simultaneously. 

    If you want to capture the essence, energy, and aura of the Fool you can use a supportive crystal. My favorite is aventurine as it promotes luck, prosperity, and flow. I also love to pair the energy with citrine. Citrine promotes happiness and joy. 


    What reversals are and how to read them. 


    The energy of the Fool is fantastic. If you want to learn how to manage your inner Fool, I have created a tarot spread. Learning more about your strengths and weaknesses is key to controlling the Fool. Learn when to hold on or let go.

    The Fool tarot spread is perfect when you need help to dare to jump into a new experience. The spread target the fears that are holding you back, how to handle your fears, and how to trust that you have what it takes to succeed. You can add a spirit guide card for extra guidance if you want to. 

    Start by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. This will help you ground and center yourself. Open your heart to receive the messages you need to hear. Shuffle the deck and place the cards in front of you. 

    The Fool tarot spread is a three-card spread perfect for beginners to advanced readers.


    1. What can I do to release my fears?
    2. What can I do to make the jump into the unknown?
    3. What can I do to trust that I have everything I need? 


    It is a great idea to meditate on the Fool if you are afraid of letting go of your control or need reassurance that you have everything you need at this stage to embark on your new adventure. 

    1. Hold the Fool’s card in your hand while comfortably sitting down.
    2. Gaze at the card and the details. Try to figure out what all the symbols mean (to you!).
    3. Let the card imprint itself for a minute or two.
    4. Close your eyes and imagine you are the Fool.
    5. What do you see?
    6. Where are you?
    7. Try to feel all the emotions attached to the card.
    8. When you think that you are ready, slowly open your eyes. 
    9. Take some time in solitude and reflect on your new insights. 

    If you want to, it’s a great idea to journal your experiences and insights. You can go back to the notes whenever you need to re-connect to the card. 

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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