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Tarot Card Spreads for Job Interviews

    Nothing is as exciting yet nerve-wracking as a job interview. If you want the position, it can be very stressful going through the job application process.

    When we are nervous, we tend to make mistakes. We all make mistakes from time to time. But preparing yourself can help you reduce your stress levels and help you focus.

    This article finds my favorite tarot card spreads for job interviews. I have used them all myself as I tend to go into a fetal position just thinking about job interviews.

    In many cases, I can genuinely say that the tarot spreads helped me to focus and calm down – thus helping me land the jobs I wanted. Not everything is in the hard skills; it is also in the mental preparation.


    The best tarot spreads for job interviews target things you can change or do to up your chances of landing the job.

    Questions about if you will get the job might feel tempting when you are stressed out, but not helpful.

    As the outcome change for every micro-decisions we make, the answer you gain from such a reading will be valid for seconds. It is just not worth the effort, and the answer will likely be rubbish.

    The most helpful readings are those that can help you work on your strengths and energies. This is what will land you the job.

    In this article, you will find the following tarot card spreads:

    • The perfect job application tarot spread
    • Preparing for a job interview tarot spread
    • Job interview tarot spread
    • After your job interview tarot spread


    Yes, let’s start from the beginning – the job application process. By exploring what energies and personality traits to focus on, you have a much higher chance of getting eyeballs on your application.

    It can be hard knowing what your qualities are. It’s much easier to know everything we are bad at, right? We, humans, are strange in that sense.

    Start by reading the application thoroughly. Make sure you have checked all the boxes that are asked of you. When done, it is time for the tarot to sprinkle some finishing sparkles. Now we breathe air into the heap of information.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your mind to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Keep an open heart, and trust the tarot (and yourself)

    Card #1: My strengths

    The first card is all about your strengths. It is easy to get shy and not highlight what you are good at. Let the tarot help you pinpoint your strength that might push the needle toward an interview. Highlight your strengths to beat your competition!

    Don’t freak out if you get a “negative” card in this slot. It can just be a sign that you are good at solving these situations – not that you are this yourself.

    For example, you get five cups. This card is about challenging times and lacking faith and direction. You can’t see the possibility because you look into the ground defeated.

    This does not necessarily mean that you lack direction yourself. It can signify that you are good at resolving situations in the company when there is a financial emergency and a loss of focus.

    Card #2: Personality

    Sometimes it might be hard to know what personality trait to push. The second card clues what might benefit you to highlight in your job application.

    If you get a “negative” card, don’t panic. It can be that you are a good person at handling negative people or situations as appearing on the card. Or you might be the person that helps the team to overcome these kinds of negative spirals. Be open-minded and go with your intuition.

    Card #3: My expertise

    The third card is all about your unique expertise. This skill set is what will set you apart from the other applicants.

    Of course, always take close notice of the requirements and if they are a fit for you or not. Make sure to jot down all the hard assets you have. When done, it is time to infuse it with your soft skills.

    Look at the card; what does it tell you? Trust your gut feeling and go for what comes first to mind. It is easy to overthink and make things a bit too complex than it needs to be.

    Double-check your application and make sure you check all the requirements for the job. Make sure to sprinkle it with the soft skills highlighted in the tarot reading.


    You got an invitation to a job interview! This is exciting yet nerve-wracking news. You want this job and want to give it your best shot.

    This tarot spread aims to bring your calm and focus – which will help you calm your nerves. Positive energy is vital; what you bring into the world is what you will receive.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your heart to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Accept the message and work with the energies
    7. Every time you get nervous, remember the message in the spread

    Card #1: What to focus on

    The first card brings insights into what you might benefit from focusing on. Having a clear focus on the days leading up to the interview makes it easier to keep your nerves in check.

    Every time you get nervous, remember the card and refocus your energies. You can always add a rose crystal to the mix to support self-love and acceptance. It is ok to feel the way you do! You care about the job and want it badly.

    Card #2: What I will experience

    Much worry is often focused on what will happen during the interview. The card will not tell you the outcome of the meeting; it will give insights into how you might feel during the interview. This is a huge difference.

    I have been in job interviews where I felt terrible afterward. I thought I had made a fool out of myself. A few days later, they returned with positive news.

    It can be a super strength to be prepared for what emotions might appear during the interview.

    Remember not to get freaked out if you get a “bad” card in this position. Always remember that emotions are emotions; they are not the same as outcomes.

    If you prepare yourself for the challenging emotion that might arise, you will be prepared. You can reframe the feeling and make something great out of it!

    Card #3: Spirit advice

    Card number three is your spirit guide advice. Your guide is there to help you along the way. Find comfort in the knowledge that you are never alone on this journey.

    If you get freaked out during the interview, you can always picture your guide beside you, sending you calming and grounding energy.


    Today’s the day! It is time for the job interview. This tarot spread is perfect as a grounding and preparation ritual. Preparation is key to any successful interview.

    The spread focuses on what you might experience and what to focus on during the interview. It also gives insights into the personality trait of the person you are about to meet.

    Refrain from asking the tarot about the outcome of the interview. It will not serve you at this time. Now it is time to focus on things you can impact.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your mind to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Accept the message and work with the energies
    7. Remember to always be kind to yourself at all times

    Card #1: My experience

    The first card gives clues about what you will experience during your interview. This energy can be different from the previous spread, as it will hone in on the key energy, not the round scope of the meeting.

    Never freak out if you get a “bad card” in this position. It might indicate that you need to reframe this energy going into the meeting – and in this way, change the outcome.

    For example, you get the Tower. You might think that the meeting will end in a catastrophe. No, it might indicate that you need to eliminate negative thinking. The experience never shows you the outcome, just the event’s energy.

    Card #2: Main focus

    The second card is about what energy you might benefit from focusing on. This card is not the same as in the former spread as this focus on the interview itself, not the preparation for the meeting.

    Getting “bad cards” in this position indicates that you might need to reframe thoughts or emotions. If you get “good cards” in this position, utilize them.

    Card #3: Interviewer’s personality

    Card number three reveals the personality trait of the person doing the interview. With these insights, you might feel more confident going into the meeting. You can use this information to stay clear of topics that might not go down well.

    Suppose you get a court card in this position. You hit the jackpot! Take a closer look at the person’s personality trait in the image. If you want to learn more about personality traits and court cards, I invite you to read the article below.

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    When you get home after your job interview, it is common to start feeling nervous. What answer will I get? Did I do a great job at the interview? What could I have done better?

    All these questions are normal but can be stressful and draining. This tarot spread is targeted at restoring energy and building self-love. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, you deserve love and support.

    This spread fits the time before you get your answer or feedback as well as after.

    How to read the message

    1. Ground yourself with a couple of deep breaths
    2. Open your mind to receive the messages you need to hear
    3. Shuffle the deck
    4. Stop shuffling when your intuition tells you to
    5. Lay down the cards from left to right
    6. Accept the message and work with the energies
    7. Open your heart to love and acceptance

    Card #1: How to find acceptance

    Self-love and self-acceptance might be under attack after a job interview. The same applies when the final answer arrives. We quickly bash ourselves for what we could have done better – or get freaked out by imposter syndrome.

    If you use this spread in a reading while waiting for the answer, this card will show you how to deal with imposter feelings, negative self-talk, and acceptance of the situation as it is right now. The card shows you how to be at ease with your performance during the interview.

    If you do this reading after your answer, the card indicates how to find acceptance of the outcome. If the response was positive, you might struggle with acute imposter syndrome. You might need to work on accepting the answer overall if it is negative.

    Card #2: How to grow self-love

    The second card is all about how to grow self-love. We tend to start negative self-talk when we are nervous about our performance.

    The card helps you to realign your energy to build more love and acceptance of yourself and your performance.

    Card #3: How to prepare for the next steps

    The third card shows you what energy to focus on to prepare you for future steps. It might be that you got a positive answer and will be preparing for a new career – or a negative one and plan for how to move on from this experience.

    If you do this reading before you know if you got the job or not, this card indicates what you need to prepare for in terms of the answer. Note that a “bad card” doesn’t necessarily mean you will not get the job. A “bad card” might indicate that you need to work on this negative emotion or energy to foster self-love.


    Job interviews can be challenging to experience. An array of emotions might appear – fear, nervousness, anticipation, anxiety, thrills, and horrible chills. It’s genuinely a rollercoaster.

    Tarot helped me stay sane through patches when I was in between jobs. A career is so much more than an income; it is often an identity. It is so charged.

    Regardless of how things worked out for you, you should know that your worth is not in any way connected with the outcome. It was meant to be, or it wasn’t meant to be.

    If you got a negative answer, trust me, I’ve been there; you have to brush it off and rely on destiny. Your guide has your back, and the job was not meant for you. Something much better is waiting for you, maybe just around the corner.

    If you want personal advice during your career journey, book a reading with me. I love to ask the cards for insights into your unique situation. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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