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Gifting Used Tarot Cards: Tips And Inspiration

    Maybe you have a tarot deck you don’t use anymore? Have to thought about gifting it but are unsure if it’s ok to do so? There are lots of confusing myths and opinions about giving tarot cards. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all views on the subject.

    As a general rule, you can gift used tarot decks. If you think the recipient will use the cards for divination, cleanse the cards beforehand. Add accessories for added value; crystals, incents, a tarot cloth, or a reference book.

    There are many different opinions when it comes to gifting used tarot decks. If you practice divination, you might shy away from it as you never know what energies will come along. Let’s take a closer look at used tarot decks as gifts.


    As a general rule, you can gift a used tarot deck without any problems. Some are afraid used cards might carry unwanted energies, entities, or spirits and stay away from used decks. Tarot cards are paper with print on them; they don’t have a life of their own.

    There’s a myth that you should be gifted your first tarot deck. This tradition is no must and no “rule,” but it’s might be a great reason to gift a tarot deck you don’t use to an interested friend.

    As I’m quite a deck hoarder myself, I love gifting used tarot decks to friends or clients that want to learn more about the tarot. There are always decks you don’t connect with. They should come in use than selecting dust on the shelf.


    An easy way of cleansing the tarot deck is with crystals or incents. Place clear quartz or a selenite crystal on the deck and let it sit for a couple of hours. You can also use sage smudges or incent sticks to clear the deck. 

    My favorite way is by using sea salt. Place the cards on top of sprinkled salt and let them rest for a couple of hours. Be sure to place a paper or cloth between the cards and salt to protect the deck. The salt might damage the cards otherwise.

    If you want to learn how to cleanse pre-owned tarot cards in more detail, I added a link to my article below.


    How to cleanse pre-owned tarot cards


    There are so many myths and “rules” regarding tarot. It’s important to know that you do you. If you feel something is ok, it’s ok. As a beginner, it’s easy to get carried away by all “musts.” As you gain more and more experience, you learn that many “rules” are just lore. 

    There are as many ways to read the tarot as tarot readers. You don’t need to gift decks or receive a deck as a gift to start reading the tarot. 


    Gifting a tarot deck is a very personal gift that, in most cases, will be treasured for years to come. Gifted cards, especially pre-used, are a very thoughtful and loving gift.

    A Rider-Waite deck is an excellent start for all beginners. There is lots of information about the system online and in books. But if you find a nice deck in a flea market or the used books store – go with it!

    Trust your intuition! You know what deck will be the “one” for your friend. And if it’s not the perfect fit, it’s not the end of the world. Most tarot readers have multiple decks for different occasions and questions. I bet your friend will be able to use the deck even if it turns out not to be the “favorite” of all times.


    If you decide to gift a tarot deck you own, you know its personality and energy. Why not add a letter with information about the energy of the deck and your personal experiences? This will make the gift even more unique. If you gift your deck to a beginner, you might add information about your favorite reference books or sites. 

    You can also give recommendations on what crystals go great along with the deck. As you have first-hand experience in the deck, you know exactly what works and not. This was always a treasured “add-on” when gifting used tarot decks.

    If you have designated or programmed cleansing crystals, you can add them to the gift. Sometimes it’s hard to know what crystals to use with a new deck. I bet it will be appreciated. 

    Another fun thing you can do to add value to your gifted deck is to add a little “gift certificate” for tarot lessons with you. This will be so much fun and an excellent way for your friend to learn the basics. 

    Pre-cleansing the tarot deck is also a great gesture. You can add a little note on how to charge the deck. This will add the recipient’s personality to the deck. The easiest way is to blow on the deck gently.

    • Write a letter describing the energy of the tarot deck
    • Give recommendations about crystals suitable for the deck
    • Add the cleansing crystals with the gift
    • Add a little “gift certificate” for a tarot class
    • Pre-cleanse the deck and help your friend charge it

    If you need inspiration on charging the pre-owned deck, please read the article below.


    How to charge tarot cards

    Charge your pre-owned tarot deck with intention.


    If you bought a tarot deck, you found in a flea market or in a used book store (or alike), you might need to cleanse the deck before gifting it. It all depends on if you think your friend will use it for divination or not. If your friend does not use it for divination, you don’t need to do anything at all. 

    If you think your friend will use the deck for divination, you might consider cleansing before wrapping it and gifting it. If your friend is a beginner, they might not know how to cleanse the deck properly, so it’s a nice gesture to do a speed cleansing, at least. 

    No worries though, even if you are new to the world of tarot, you will be able to do this yourself. My recommendation for beginners is to perform a salt cleanse. As most of us have table salt at home, you don’t need to go out and find anything fancy from the New Age store. You find in-depth information about this in the box below.


    How to do a salt cleanse the easy way

    Fun ideas for gifting used tarot decks are adding a reference book for the card meanings, a crystal set, or a tarot cloth. In this way, your friend will be ready to go all-in without getting all the gadgets first. You find inspiration below.

    • A card meaning reference book (make sure it is the same system as the deck)
    • Crystal set for cleansing
    • Tarot cloth or box for storage
    • Cleansing incent sets

    The old tradition of gifting a tarot deck is also a great anecdote to share when you deliver the deck. It adds a layer of magic to the occasion. But remember, you don’t need to be gifted a tarot deck to start reading the cards. It’s just a fun thing you can share.


    I compiled great gifts to go along with your used tarot deck below. The first one is a handy kit with everything you need to get started with divination tarot practice. The kit includes a box, crystals, Chakra balance crystal wands, pyramid energy generator, sage, and more. (Amazon – Affiliate)

    The cleaning smudge kit is for expelling bad energies and cleansing the reading area, the cards, and the home. The set includes two White Sage Smudge Sticks, two Palo Santo Sticks, one Abalone Shell, one Rose Quartz Crystal & Instructions.



    Gifting a used tarot deck is a beautiful gift for a spiritual friend, whether it is your own or one you found at the flea market. The old tradition of gifting tarot decks is a beautiful gesture and often very appreciated. 

    The tarot decks I have been gifted are very dear to me, and they have something special to them that the decks I bought myself seldom bring. 

    It’s a great idea to gift tarot decks you don’t use. You are familiar with the energy of the deck and know its personality. Add a letter describing the deck and its character. Cleanse it before gifting if you buy a deck from the flea market or old book store. This is unnecessary if you don’t think your friend will use it for divination. 

    If you want to spice up your gift, why not add crystals, cleansing incents, or a tarot cloth? There are many beautiful and practical accessories you can add for added value.

    Celebrate friendship and spirituality with a thoughtful and loving gift!

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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