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Beyond the Major: Profound Influence of the Minor Arcana

    Tarot is often associated with the enigmatic Major Arcana cards. However, nestled within the deck lies another realm of symbolism and significance—the Minor Arcana. While they may be labeled as “minor,” these cards carry immense power and profound meanings that deserve our attention.

    The Minor Arcana represents the everyday aspects of life, providing insights into our existence’s practical and temporary aspects. The Minor Arcana highlights our day-to-day experiences, challenges, and opportunities.

    This article delves into the fascinating world of the Minor Arcana in Tarot, exploring their representation of everyday experiences, emotions, and challenges. Discover why understanding Tarot’serpreting the Minor Arcana is essential for unlocking the depths of Tarot readings and how these seemingly modest cards can reveal profound insights into our lives.

    If you are looking for the meaning of the Major Arcana cards, you will find in-depth information in the article below.

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    What the minor Arcana represents

    Picture the Major Arcana as the grand milestones and life-altering events that shape our paths. The cards represent big-ticket moments like love, significant decisions, and spiritual awakening.

    On the other hand, the Minor Arcana cards capture “everyday” moments, the mundane yet significant experiences that make up the fabric of our lives. It is always good to remember that substantial shifts in life often come from more minor decisions.

    I often hear that the Major Arcana is more “important” than the Minor Arcana, but it is not true. In my experience, the biggest happenings in my life have sparked from a seemingly (at the time) small decision.

    Sandra Törnroth

    I often hear that the Major Arcana is more “important” than the Minor Arcana, but it is not true. In my experience, the most significant happenings in my life have sparked from a seemingly (at the time) small decision.

    For example, I was not planning to go out with my friends but was talked into it – I later met my husband at the party. A small decision led to a significant impact on my life.

    The Minor Arcana is where the nitty gritty of a tarot reading often is found. It is the details.

    The Minor Arcana consists of the four suits

    The Minor Arcana consists of four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles (or Coins). Each suit has a unique energy and corresponds to different areas of our lives.

    1. Wands: This fiery suit symbolizes passion, creativity, and inspiration. It represents our ambitions, projects, and personal growth. When Wands appear in a reading, they ignite our motivation and push us to take action toward our dreams.
    2. Cups: The Cups suit is all about emotions, relationships, and matters of the heart. It reflects love, compassion, intuition, and our emotional well-being. When Cups cards show up, they provide insights into our romantic, familial, or friendship connections.
    3. Swords: The Swords suit delves into intellect, thoughts, and communication. It represents life’s mental state, decision-making processes, and conflicts. Swords cards guide finding clarity, overcoming challenges, and achieving mental equilibrium.
    4. Pentacles: Grounded in the element of earth, the Pentacles suit focuses on life’s material and practical aspects. It encompasses finances, career, home, and physical well-being. Pentacles cards bring insights into our material pursuits, offering guidance on abundance, stability, and our relationship with the physical world.

    As you notice, the Minor Arcana stand for the details in our lives, while the Major Arcana for the major energetic shifts or movements in our lives to understand the messages we receive from a tarot reading.

    If you want to learn more about Suits, I have written an in-depth article. You find it below.

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    Why the Minor Arcana is important

    Why are these seemingly “minor” cards important in Tarot readings? Well, they bring balance and depth to the messages we receive.

    While the Major Arcana offers overarching themes and transformational energy, the Minor Arcana provides the finer details and practical advice we need to navigate our daily lives.

    The Minor Arcana helps us comprehensively understand a situation when interpreting Tarot cards. They add layers of meaning and offer guidance specific to the challenges and opportunities we encounter regularly.

    Whether it’s a career decision, matters of the heart, or personal growth, the Minor Arcana illuminates the subtleties and nuances that shape our journey.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Whether it’s a career decision, matters of the heart, or personal growth, the Minor Arcana illuminates the subtleties and nuances that shape our journey.

    By paying attention to the Minor Arcana, we honor the importance of everyday experiences. Through these seemingly “minor” details, we can make profound life changes and decisions.

    The Minor Arcana acts as a bridge, connecting the grand themes of the Major Arcana with our tangible reality.

    So, the next time you dive into a Tarot reading, embrace the Minor Arcana enthusiastically. They hold a wealth of wisdom, offering practical insights and guiding you through the intricacies of your unique journey.

    Remember, no experience is too small or insignificant regarding Tarot. Whether major or minor, each card carries a special message just for you.

    Incorporate the Minor Arcana, and watch your Tarot readings become more prosperous, nuanced, and genuinely transformative.

    It is possible to leave the Minor Arcana cards out of a reading if you want to, but you will lose a lot of information and detail. But at times, it can be beneficial. If you want to learn more about this, read the article below.

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    The MINOR Arcana cards in order

    Learning the Minor Arcana cards when you are a beginner can be a little tricky. But don’t fret; you will get the hang of it with time.

    My most important tip is to learn the meaning of the suit itself and then learn the basics of numerology. Look at the card and take notice of the symbols. When you combine the three, you get the meaning of the Minor tarot card.

    The meaning of the suit + symbolism + numerology meaning = tarot card meaning

    NumberNumerology Meaning
    0 (Ace)Unity, Potential, Wholeness, Divine
    1Individuality, Independence, Self-confidence
    2Balance, Harmony, Cooperation
    3Creativity, Expression, Joy
    4Stability, Hard Work, Practicality
    5Freedom, Adventure, Change
    6Love, Family, Responsibility
    7Spirituality, Intuition, Inner Wisdom
    8Success, Abundance, Achievement
    9Transformation, Compassion, Humanitarianism
    10Divine Order, Manifestation, Potential

    Please note that numerology interpretations may vary among schools of thought and practitioners, but the above meanings are commonly associated with the respective numbers.

    I understand it can sometimes feel daunting learning all of the cards. If you want to learn more about how long it might take to learn the system, you find information in the article below.

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    The court cards are the Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings of the tarot deck. They belong to the Suits but have different characteristics than the Aces to Tens.

    The court cards are a specific category representing different personalities or archetypes.

    They typically depict individuals, often referred to as “courtiers” or “court figures,” and they play a significant role in the Tarot deck.

    The court cards are divided into four suits: Wands (also known as Staves or Rods), Cups, Swords, and Pentacles (also known as Coins or Disks). Each suit has its own court cards consisting of the Page, Knight, Queen, and King.

    The court cards in Tarot signify different qualities, characteristics, or roles that can be found in people and situations.

    The court cards often depict certain archetypes or symbolic representations of individuals or personality types, providing insights into the dynamics or the energies influencing the situation.

    Here’s a brief overview of the general significance and representation of the court cards:

    1. Pages: The Pages symbolize youthful energy, curiosity, and growth potential. They are associated with learning, messages, and new beginnings. Pages can represent a person or situation needing exploration, enthusiasm, and receptivity to new ideas.
    2. Knights: The Knights embody action, passion, and a sense of adventure. They represent a drive for progress, ambition, and pursuing goals with determination. The Knights often signify a person or situation characterized by assertiveness, movement, and taking bold strides forward.
    3. Queens: The Queens represent nurturing, intuition, and emotional intelligence. They embody qualities such as compassion, wisdom, and the ability to provide support. The Queens often symbolize individuals or situations where nurturing, empathy, and understanding are prevalent.
    4. Kings: The Kings embody authority, leadership, and mastery. They represent power, wisdom, and the ability to make decisions. The Kings often symbolize individuals or situations that require leadership, responsibility, and a firm hand to achieve desired outcomes.

    It’s important to note that while the court cards can represent actual people in a reading, they can also signify energies, characteristics, or situations that need to be considered.

    The specific interpretation of a court card can vary depending on its position in a spread, surrounding cards, and the reader’s intuitive insights.

    Interpreting court cards in Tarot requires understanding the general meanings associated with each card, considering their suit elements, and applying intuition and context to derive a more nuanced understanding of their significance in a particular reading.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Interpreting court cards in Tarot requires understanding the general meanings associated with each card, considering their suit elements, and applying intuition and context to derive a more nuanced understanding of their significance in a particular reading.

    The meaning of the court cards

    Below you will find the general meanings of court cards and suit-specific meanings.

    General Meaning

    PageYouth, curiosity, new beginnings, messagesLearning, exploration, opportunities
    KnightAction, adventure, passion, impulsivenessEnergy, drive, enthusiasm
    QueenNurturing, empathy, intuition, maturityWisdom, grace, compassion
    KingAuthority, leadership, mastery, stabilityPower, control, responsibility


    PageCreative inspiration, exploration, enthusiasmIdeas, potential, curiosity
    KnightAction, adventure, passion, impulsivenessCourage, drive, ambition
    QueenConfidence, leadership, independence, determinationCharisma, vitality, influence
    KingVision, power, success, entrepreneurshipStrength, authority, innovation


    PageEmotional growth, intuitive messages, new relationshipsSensitivity, imagination, creativity
    KnightRomance, charm, artistic pursuits, emotional expressionIdealism, passion, gentleness
    QueenEmotional balance, compassion, nurturing, psychic abilitiesIntuition, empathy, serenity
    KingEmotional maturity, diplomacy, leadership, creativityWisdom, calmness, emotional intelligence


    PageIntellect, curiosity, new ideas, communicationMental agility, alertness, curiosity
    KnightAmbition, determination, decisive action, justiceCourage, assertiveness, truth-seeking
    QueenClarity, logic, objectivity, independenceIntelligence, analysis, perceptiveness
    KingIntellectual power, authority, truth, fairnessWisdom, discernment, leadership


    PageNew opportunities, practicality, learning, diligenceAmbition, curiosity, growth
    KnightHard work, reliability, responsibility, stabilityEfficiency, perseverance, dependability
    QueenAbundance, practicality, nurturing, financial securityFertility, sensibility, generosity
    KingWealth, success, stability, mastery of the material worldSecurity, competence, discipline

    Please note that interpretations of Tarot cards can vary, and these meanings and keywords are general guidelines.

    The specific interpretations may differ depending on the reader or the context of the reading. As the court cards involve personality traits, they can sometimes be complex. If they feel confused, give it time. The meaning will usually come to you when you least expect it.

    The Minor Arcana meanings

    In the tables below, you find keywords that can help when learning the Minor Arcana cards. If you want to learn more about other tarot cards in the deck, I recommend you check out my tarot cheat sheet page. Bookmark it for easy access when doing tarot readings.


    Ace of CupsLove, new emotional beginningsConnection, harmony, mutual love, and understanding
    Two of CupsUnion, partnership, harmonyConnection, harmony, mutual love and understanding
    Three of CupsCelebration, friendship, creativityJoyous gatherings, friendships, creative collaborations
    Four of CupsContemplation, introspection, apathySelf-reflection, contemplation, reevaluation of emotional fulfillment
    Five of CupsLoss, disappointment, griefEmotional loss, regret, focusing on what went wrong
    Six of CupsNostalgia, childhood, memoriesInnocence, memories, reconnecting with the past
    Seven of CupsChoices, fantasies, illusionDaydreaming, choices, being overwhelmed by possibilities
    Eight of CupsSoul-searching, walking awayLeaving behind what no longer serves, soul-searching, personal growth
    Nine of CupsContentment, wishes fulfilledEmotional satisfaction, fulfillment of desires
    Ten of CupsHarmony, joy, familyEmotional harmony, happy family life, domestic bliss
    Page of CupsCreativity, new opportunities, messagesCreative inspiration, new opportunities, receiving emotional messages
    Knight of CupsRomance, charm, emotional explorationRomantic pursuit, emotional exploration, following the heart’s desires
    Queen of CupsIntuition, compassion, emotional supportEmotional sensitivity, nurturing, compassion
    King of CupsEmotional maturity, wisdom, diplomacyEmotional stability, wisdom, diplomatic approach

    Pentacles (Coins)

    Ace of PentaclesNew beginnings, prosperity, opportunitiesMaterial abundance, new ventures, financial opportunities
    Two of PentaclesBalance, adaptability, juggling prioritiesBalancing multiple aspects of life, adaptability, managing priorities
    Three of PentaclesCollaboration, teamwork, craftsmanshipCollaboration, skilled work, teamwork
    Four of PentaclesStability, possessiveness, financial securityFinancial stability, possessiveness, guarding resources
    Five of PentaclesHardship, poverty, isolationFinancial struggle, isolation, feeling left out
    Six of PentaclesGenerosity, giving and receiving, charityGiving and receiving, acts of kindness, sharing resources
    Seven of PentaclesPatience, perseverance, long-term visionPatience, investment, waiting for results
    Eight of PentaclesDiligence, skill development, craftsmanshipHard work, skill development, attention to detail
    Nine of PentaclesAbundance, luxury, self-sufficiencyMaterial abundance, self-reliance, enjoying the fruits of labor
    Ten of PentaclesLegacy, family, wealthFamily prosperity, financial security, passing down traditions
    Page of PentaclesAmbition, practicality, opportunitiesNew opportunities, practicality, ambition
    Knight of PentaclesResponsibility, reliability, hard workDependability, hard work, methodical approach
    Queen of PentaclesNurturing, abundance, practicalityNurturing, practicality, financial stability, abundance
    King of PentaclesWealth, success, stabilityMaterial success, financial stability, responsible and practical approach


    Ace of SwordsMental clarity, new ideas, breakthroughMental clarity, new ideas, intellectual breakthrough
    Two of SwordsDifficult decisions, stalemate, compromiseIndecision, difficult choices, need for compromise
    Three of SwordsHeartbreak, sorrow, griefEmotional pain, heartbreak, sorrow
    Four of SwordsRest, recuperation, contemplationRest, recovery, taking a break to reflect and rejuvenate
    Five of SwordsConflict, deceit, winning at all costsConflict, deception, victory at the expense of others
    Six of SwordsTransition, moving on, finding peaceTransition, moving on, finding solace
    Seven of SwordsBetrayal, deception, sneakinessDeception, betrayal, cunning actions
    Eight of SwordsRestriction, self-imposed limitationsFeeling trapped, self-imposed limitations, limited perspective
    Nine of SwordsAnxiety, nightmares, inner turmoilAnxiety, nightmares, inner torment
    Ten of SwordsDefeat, failure, hitting rock bottomOverwhelming defeat, failure, reaching the lowest point
    Page of SwordsCuriosity, mental agility, new perspectivesIntellectual curiosity, mental agility, seeking new perspectives
    Knight of SwordsAmbition, determination, assertivenessAmbition, assertiveness, strong determination
    Queen of SwordsClarity, independence, discernmentMental clarity, independence, sharp discernment
    King of SwordsAuthority, logic, intellectual powerIntellectual power, authority, strong analytical and logical thinking


    Ace of WandsInspiration, new opportunities, creative potentialNew beginnings, creative inspiration, potential for growth
    Two of WandsPlanning, partnership, future visionMaking plans, partnership, envisioning the future
    Three of WandsExpansion, progress, explorationProgress, expansion, exploring new horizons
    Four of WandsCelebration, harmony, homecomingCelebration, harmony, joyous occasions
    Five of WandsConflict, competition, disagreementConflict, competition, disagreements
    Six of WandsVictory, recognition, public acclaimVictory, recognition, receiving public acclaim
    Seven of WandsCourage, perseverance, standing your groundCourage, resilience, defending your position
    Eight of WandsSwiftness, rapid action, progressRapid action, progress, quick changes
    Nine of WandsResilience, persistence, inner strengthResilience, persistence, inner strength
    Ten of WandsBurdens, responsibilities, overwhelmFeeling overwhelmed, burdens, responsibilities
    Page of WandsExploration, enthusiasm, new beginningsCuriosity, enthusiasm, embracing new opportunities
    Knight of WandsEnergy, passion, adventureEnergy, passion, adventurous spirit
    Queen of WandsConfidence, leadership, independenceConfidence, leadership, independence
    King of WandsAuthority, vision, charismaAuthority, vision, charisma, taking charge

    The reversed meanings of the MINOR Arcana cards

    A reversal is when the tarot card is positioned upside down. It is not necessary to read reversals; some never do this. But reversals are the way to go if you want a more nuanced reading with shadow and light meanings.

    If you want to learn more about if it is necessary to read reversals, I invite you to read the article below.

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    I always read upright and reversals as it brings more in-depth information and insights – but it is not for everyone. You have to do you – there is nothing like a right and wrong way to do things regarding the Tarot.

    If you want to want to try reversals, you find helpful tables below.

    Reversed Meanings of the Cups Suit

    Reversed CardKeywordsInterpretation
    Reversed Ace of CupsBlocked emotions, lack of loveEmotional blockages, difficulty expressing or receiving love
    Reversed Two of CupsDisharmony, imbalance in relationshipsLack of harmony, disagreements, imbalances in partnerships
    Reversed Three of CupsSocial isolation, disconnectionFeeling left out, social disconnection, lack of celebration or joy
    Reversed Four of CupsStagnation, missed opportunitiesComplacency, missed chances for emotional fulfillment
    Reversed Five of CupsAcceptance, moving on from lossFinding acceptance, moving on from grief, seeking new emotional possibilities
    Reversed Six of CupsDwelling on the past, nostalgiaExcessive focus on the past, clinging to outdated memories
    Reversed Seven of CupsLack of focus, confusionLack of clarity, being overwhelmed by options or fantasies
    Reversed Eight of CupsAvoidance, fear of changeFear of leaving behind what is no longer serving, avoiding necessary emotional growth
    Reversed Nine of CupsDiscontentment, unfulfilled desiresLack of emotional satisfaction, unfulfilled wishes or desires
    Reversed Ten of CupsDisharmony in family, disconnectionStrained family relationships, lack of emotional harmony within the family
    Reversed Page of CupsBlocked creativity, emotional immaturityDifficulty accessing creativity, emotional immaturity or volatility
    Reversed Knight of CupsEmotional manipulation, moodinessManipulative behavior, emotional instability, mood swings
    Reversed Queen of CupsEmotional insecurity, emotional dependenceSelf-doubt, emotional neediness, difficulty maintaining emotional boundaries
    Reversed King of CupsEmotional control, moodinessSuppressed emotions, moodiness, difficulty expressing or managing emotions

    Reversed Meanings of the Pentacles (Coins) Suit

    Reversed CardKeywordsInterpretation
    Reversed Ace of PentaclesMissed opportunities, lack of abundanceMissed chances for material abundance, scarcity mindset
    Reversed Two of PentaclesImbalance, financial instabilityFinancial imbalance, difficulty managing resources or juggling priorities
    Reversed Three of PentaclesLack of teamwork, skill developmentLack of collaboration, lack of progress in skill development or work
    Reversed Four of PentaclesFinancial insecurity, greedHoarding resources, fear of loss, financial insecurity
    Reversed Five of PentaclesRecovery, hopelessnessFinding hope amidst hardship, seeking help or support
    Reversed Six of PentaclesSelfishness, imbalance in giving and receivingImbalance in giving and receiving, selfishness in sharing resources
    Reversed Seven of PentaclesImpatience, lack of long-term visionImpatience with progress, short-sightedness in planning
    Reversed Eight of PentaclesLack of diligence, skill stagnationLack of dedication, lack of progress in skill development
    Reversed Nine of PentaclesFinancial dependency, overspendingOverreliance on others, financial extravagance, lack of self-sufficiency
    Reversed Ten of PentaclesFamily discord, financial instabilityStrained family relationships, financial instability within the family
    Reversed Page of PentaclesLack of ambition, missed opportunitiesLack of motivation or ambition, missing out on potential opportunities
    Reversed Knight of PentaclesIrresponsibility, lazinessLack of responsibility, laziness, resistance to hard work
    Reversed Queen of PentaclesFinancial instability, lack of nurturingFinancial instability, lack of practicality or nurturing qualities
    Reversed King of PentaclesFinancial setbacks, misuse of powerFinancial setbacks, mismanagement of resources, abuse of power

    Reversed Meanings of the Swords Suit

    Reversed CardKeywordsInterpretation
    Reversed Ace of SwordsConfusion, lack of clarityMental confusion, lack of clarity in thoughts or communication
    Reversed Two of SwordsIndecision, stalemateInability to make decisions, feeling stuck in a situation without progress
    Reversed Three of SwordsHealing, release from painEmotional healing, release from pain or heartbreak
    Reversed Four of SwordsRestlessness, burnoutInability to find rest or relaxation, mental or physical burnout
    Reversed Five of SwordsReconciliation, amendsSeeking reconciliation, making amends, letting go of conflicts
    Reversed Six of SwordsDelayed progress, unresolved issuesObstacles in transition or moving on, unresolved issues hindering progress
    Reversed Seven of SwordsHonesty, self-reflectionFacing the truth, self-reflection, letting go of deceitful behavior
    Reversed Eight of SwordsSelf-empowerment, breaking freeBreaking free from limitations, finding self-empowerment, overcoming mental barriers
    Reversed Nine of SwordsInner peace, release from anxietyFinding inner peace, release from anxiety or worry
    Reversed Ten of SwordsRecovery, healing from painHealing and recovery from a painful experience or situation
    Reversed Page of SwordsLack of curiosity, limited thinkingLack of curiosity, narrow-mindedness, limited thinking
    Reversed Knight of SwordsImpulsiveness, aggressionImpulsive behavior, aggression, acting without considering consequences
    Reversed Queen of SwordsEmotional vulnerability, compassionOpening up emotionally, showing compassion, embracing vulnerability
    Reversed King of SwordsAbuse of power, manipulationMisuse of authority, manipulation, abuse of intellectual or analytical skills

    Reversed Meanings of the Wands Suit

    Reversed CardKeywordsInterpretation
    Reversed Ace of WandsLack of inspiration, missed opportunitiesLack of inspiration, missed chances for new beginnings or creative endeavors
    Reversed Two of WandsLack of planning, delaysLack of planning or foresight, delays in progress or decision-making
    Reversed Three of WandsLack of progress, setbacksLack of progress, encountering setbacks or obstacles in ventures or plans
    Reversed Four of WandsDisconnection, lack of celebrationLack of harmony, disconnection from joyous occasions or community celebrations
    Reversed Five of WandsConflict resolution, collaborationFinding resolutions to conflicts, promoting collaboration rather than competition
    Reversed Six of WandsEgo, arroganceExcessive pride, arrogance, seeking validation or recognition
    Reversed Seven of WandsSurrender, giving upGiving up, surrendering to opposition or challenges, feeling overwhelmed
    Reversed Eight of WandsDelays, lack of momentumDelays in progress, lack of momentum or forward movement
    Reversed Nine of WandsExhaustion, burnoutMental or physical exhaustion, burnout, feeling overwhelmed or depleted
    Reversed Ten of WandsRelease, burdens liftedRelease from burdens or responsibilities, lightening the load, letting go of excessive stress
    Reversed Page of WandsLack of enthusiasm, missed opportunities for exploration or embracing new experiencesLack of enthusiasm, missed opportunities for exploration or embracing new experiences
    Reversed Knight of WandsLack of direction, impatienceLack of direction or focus, impatience, rushing into actions without considering consequences
    Reversed Queen of WandsSelf-doubt, lack of confidenceSelf-doubt, lack of confidence, difficulty asserting oneself or embracing personal power
    Reversed King of WandsImpulsiveness, dictatorial behaviorImpulsiveness, dictatorial behavior, misuse of power, imposing opinions or beliefs on others

    Please note that interpretations of reversed Tarot cards may vary among readers and traditions. The keywords provided offer a general understanding of the reversed meanings, but the actual interpretation may depend on the context of the reading and the reader’s intuition.

    You will find helpful information in the article below if you want to learn more about deciphering reversed tarot cards.

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    Final thoughts

    The Minor Arcana cards are the magic glue of the Tarot. They can be tricky to learn when first starting to understand the Tarot. But don’t give up; they are worth all your hard work.

    The Minor Arcana ignites significant events, which are essential to pick up on. At times, they are just what they are – everyday events that pass – but sometimes, they give clues about important happenings to come.

    I love the Aces; they almost always indicate that changes are coming. Tens are other favorites of mine; they show that manifestation is close or has already happened. When I think of it, I love all the Minor Arcana cards. They are truly magical.

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric