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Appropriate Age For Reading Tarot Cards

    As a parent or caregiver to a child or teen, we often phase situations where we’re uncertain what to allow and what to prohibit. If you’re new to tarot, it can be hard to know if you should let your child or teen read cards.

    There are no age restrictions on tarot decks, but some are more suitable for kids and teens than others. If you read professionally (for payment), you need a business license. Therefore, the minimum age is the legal requirement in your country for entering contracts and having a business license. 

    As a mother of two myself, I understand the worry that comes with uncharted territory. In this article, you gain the insights you need.


    There are no age restrictions on tarot decks. I asked the U.S Games Systems Ltd for their thoughts on this. They told me that it’s a subjective matter about when kids are ready to use tarot cards. There are no age restrictions on decks available in the shops in the EU, where I live. The same goes for Amazon. 

    One central concern parents have when it comes to tarot is often found in misconceptions about tarot. In pop culture, we have been bombarded with scary tarot decks from thrillers and horror movies. But there is no need to be frightened about tarot. Most tarot decks are stunning, and the cards themselves do not inherit any “evil powers.”

    Nowadays, the tarot has become mainstream, and some decks are just fun without scary imagery at all. The market has grown, and today you find decks for every taste and age.


    There are decks made especially for kids. As the “Tarot for Kids deck.” Another popular deck for kids is the “Gummy Bear Tarot.” If they want to learn the Rider-Waite “school,” these are great options as they still have the imagery but are made appropriate for children. I don’t own the decks myself, so I grabbed a picture from Amazon. You find it below. As you notice, they are not scary at all. 

    When it comes to tarot decks, I think you should aim to get an age-appropriate deck. There are some decks with dark and quite scary imagery. For younger tarot readers, it’s better to seek the decks with cute motives.

    If they want to learn to read tarot, not play with them, look for decks with imagery following Rider-Waite. Oracle cards are easy to use, but they often don’t follow the tarot structure. Yes, I know; it’s a whole science to this.

    tarot for kids


    If you’re hesitant about allowing your teen or tween to read the classic tarot cards, as they have cards with scary imagery, there are other decks to choose from. One popular deck is the “Modern Witch deck.” It has become trendy, and the imagery is suitable for tweens and teens.

    As you notice, there are decks for every taste, style, and age. I advise going to Amazon or your local shop and botanizing in decks appropriate for your child. The most important thing is that your child loves the pictures. Otherwise, the deck will collect dust among the other playing cards on the shelf. 

    My best bet is to take your child with you on a tarot hunt. I bet you will be able to find common grounds. Be open and listen if your child if they get tangled in thoughts after reading. This happens to kids as well as adults. This is the effect of the Tarot; you learn about yourself and your feelings. 

    I guess this is why so many teens find comfort in reading tarot cards. They give support when life is challenging, and you need someone to “talk” to.

    Journaling and tarot reading go hand in hand. Why not give your teen a beautiful journal to go with the cards? This is a very thoughtful gift. 


    If you’re a bit hesitant about allowing your teen or child to read the classic tarot cards with the Devil and the Death card, there are decks for teens as well. One popular deck is the “Modern Witch deck.” It has become trendy, and the imagery is suitable for tweens and teens. As you notice, there are decks for every taste, style, and age. I advise going to Amazon or your local shop and botanizing in decks appropriate for your child. I bet you will be able to find common grounds. 


    Are tarot cards super-natural?


    What is the appropriate age to start learning tarot? I asked fellow peers in the “Tarot Professionals” Facebook group. 34% of the tarot readers began before the age of 10. It can be hard to remember exactly when you started learning, so this table should be indicative. The same goes for the limited number of participants.

    The data shows, however, that many started at a very young age. I collected the data from the thread manually and combined them into a table.


    When we know that many learn reading cards at a very young age, you have to consider that someone in the household was also reading the cards too. It’s hard for a child to pick up on tarot without seeing it at home or in their “space.” 

    I guess that many inherit card reading from a family member or learning as a teen or adult when life is in “turmoil.” Many of my friends started reading the tarot in challenging times in their lives. Tarot gives comfort and is a very great tool to help you get through times of hardship. 

    When is it appropriate to start reading the tarot? This is another question. I thought one answer in the Facebook thread was spot on; “Whenever the person picks it up and shows a keen interest.”

    Many readers thought the most appropriate age to start reading tarot was in the early teens, as the maturity is growing and it’s easier to pick up on the cards’ meanings. I tend to agree. But there’s no harm in reading them earlier. 

    But this also shows why reading cards as a child, in most cases, are not harmful. You gain from the reading what you can receive.

    I think of this as the cruel fairytales of the Grimm brothers. The children don’t pick up on the (really) horrible stuff. The same goes with Disney movies; the kids laugh at different things than the adults.


    If you read tarot cards professionally, you need to consider your age. You are a professional if you charge your clients for your readings and services.

    In most cases, there are age restrictions on business licenses and when you can legally enter contracts. Make sure you follow them, so you don’t get into legal issues. 

    The laws and regulations vary from country to country, so consult with a legal professional to be on the safe side. I’m not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice of any sort—just my two cents as a business owner myself.


    There are no age restrictions on tarot cards, and there’s generally no harm in reading them at a young age. If you read professionally, which means you charge for the services, you need to comply with the laws of your country. In most cases, there are regulations on age to open a business and enter contracts. 

    There are tarot decks suitable for all ages, personalities, and styles. If your child or teen wants to learn tarot, go on a hunt for the right deck together. You can help your child to choose an appropriate deck that both you and your child love. 

    Sandra Törnroth

    Intuitive multi-modal tarot reader with a love for crystals and everything esoteric


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