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Guide to crystals

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Crystals are a great way to boost and super-charge your tarot readings.
Learn what crystals to use for cleansing, grounding, protection, and more.
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Selenite is a very powerful cleansing crystal. Place it on-top of your tarot deck in between readings. As it is absorbing energies it’s important that you cleanse it from time to time. I place my selenite crystal in window to absorb sun- and moon light. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a very powerful cleanser. Place your clear quartz in top of your tarot deck in between readings. As it absorbs energy make sure to cleanse and charge it from time to time. Place it in the window and let it absorb sun- or moonlight. 

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals for grounding. Use it before readings to ignite your intuition. Hold it in your hands and place it near your cards during a reading. Carry it with you when you feel unbalanced or emotional. This will help you improve your reading accuracy. 


Amethyst is an all-rounder and a classic when it comes to tarot readings. It help you open up your third eye and support your intuition. Place it on top of your tarot deck in between readings, hold it in your hand prior readings, or place it near your reading area.

Tourmaline and Tourmaline Pendulum

Tourmaline is a very powerful crystal for protection and shielding. Use tourmaline to cleanse the reading area and yourself after heavy readings. Use a tourmaline pendulum to clear the reading area from unwanted negative energy. If you feel exhausted after a reading, be sure to bring a tourmaline with your for a couple of hours. 

If you need to cleanse your tarot deck from negative energy place a tourmaline crystal on top of the deck overnight. 

Be sure to cleanse your tourmaline often as it absorbs negative energies like a sponge. Cleanse it with a salt bath or with running water. 

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